Zach Braff Dating History: Love life, Girl Friend 

‘Age is just a number.’ You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? In that case, get comfy cause you are about to get all the gory details about Zach Braff’s dating history, which also includes one of his exes who was 21 years younger than him.

Well, the actor, who gained fame through starring in the series, ‘Scrubs,’ has never felt the need to hide away from the media and date secretly. Then again, why would he? After all, Braff has been linked with celebrities like Mandy Moore, co-star Sarah Clarke from the tv series ‘Scrubs’ and many more.

Grab that cuppa, as I have a sackload of gossip to share with you today. Yes, starting from which one of Zach Braff’s relationships was pure rumors to how he met his past girlfriends and what happened along the lines that caused the breakups.

Ok, I don’t want to keep you in any more suspense, so I’m just going to spit out the names of all the women the actor has romanced previously.

NamesDating Period
Sarah Chalke2001-2003
Bonnie Somerville2003-2004
Mandy Moore2004-2006
Shiri Appleby2007-2008
Taylor Bagley2009-2014
Florence Pugh2019-2022

1. Sarah Chalke

Did you know that Zach Braff dated Sarah Chalke for a while, then decided to get married and have kids? Only not in real life, though but all this happened in the tv show, ‘Scrubs,’ where they starred together from season 1 to season 9. I fooled you, didn’t I?

What, in fact, did happen in real life between the two remains an unsolved puzzle. The actors came across one another when they first started shooting for the show in 2001, where they played each other’s love interests.

Gradually the romance took place both onscreen and offscreen for a couple of years from 2001-2003, according to sources. But strangely, Braff and Chalke decided to keep their mouths closed and not tell us if anything happened or not.

Whatever went on between the two, we can say they are on very good terms, as Zach even congratulated Sarah on becoming a first-time mom in 2020.

2. Bonnie Somerville

According to Zach Barf’s dating history, he was in a relationship with American actress and singer Bonnie Somerville for around one year from 2003 – 2004. The duo met when Barf was making his movie Garden State,’ on which Bonnie’s song ‘Winding Road’ was included on the film’s soundtrack.

Although the couple looked very lovey-dovey and were seen together in public quite often, sadly, things didn’t work out.

3. Mandy Moore

Zach Braff and Mandy Moore were first seen together in 2004. Both of them were well-known actors at the time who were enjoying the perks of fame.

The couple looked totally compatible with each other, and Mandy even admitted that Braff was her type of guy, especially with that sense of humor of his. I mean, funny guys are always a big yes!!!!

Zach Braff’s love story with Mandy Moore was the talk of the town as they were the ultimate definition of a perfect couple. Being in the same profession made life easier as no jealousy was involved. Mandy Moore even said she was lucky to be with Braff as he respected her work and vice versa.

Things were going so well that Mandy even made a special appearance in the series ‘Scrubs,’ in 2006. He was making us think that he had finally found Ms. Perfect!

However, not every story has a happy ending, just like Braff and Moore’s relationship. At the end of 2006, the couple left us heartbroken when they decided to split ways marking the end of two years of togetherness. Although the actual reason for the breakup is still unknown from what the actors said about one another, we can clearly say that they did not regret the decision to part ways.

Whatever the reason for splitting up, it affected Mandy Moore badly, causing her depression. Who can blame her? As she thought, she found her perfect guy and was even thinking of starting a future with him. However, the actress named the split as icing on a ‘really bad cake.’ From her words, we can say things had probably gone sour just before the relationship ended.

Well, on the other hand, our funny guy Zach Braff made quite a cheeky comment regarding him and Moore. The actor said he didn’t like dating the singer because she was ‘super famous.’ Apparently, this led to the paparazzi following him anywhere and everywhere, which annoyed him.

I guess the actor got fed up with all the attention and wanted to live peacefully.

4. Shiri Appleby

Not being mean or anything, but Zach really doesn’t take time to move from one woman to another, does he?  Zach Braff’s new girlfriend was none other than former Roswell actress Shiri Appleby. Both actors were from Jewish backgrounds and involved in the same profession, making us think that nothing could keep these two apart.

But no, I guess our comedian Zach Braff was scared of commitment which led to this relationship not working out either. Apparently, Shiri was ready to settle down and have kids, whereas Zach hated the idea of it all and couldn’t even think about marriage before the age of 40. What a player, I must say!!

It is obvious that if two people think on two different levels, things are bound not to work out.

5. Taylor Bagley

The longest relationship in Zach Braff’s dating history, which lasted for five years, was with the American model Taylor Bagley. Although the couple looked like a couple who was a match made in heaven, many of us thought that they would walk down the aisle. But not surprisingly, things took a turn for the worst once again, and they split up.

However, both Braff and Bagley have no grudges against each other and still remain good friends.

6. Florence Pugh

What would you like to know about Zach Braff and Florence Pugh’s relationship? How about the fact that they had a 21- year age gap? Well, that’s just the beginning, as we have all the details starting from how they met to why they split up. Before that, maybe you should quickly refill that cup of tea to enjoy the gossip I’m about to share with you.

Ready? Here we go.

The actress Florence Pugh met Zach Braff for the first time in April 2019 while shooting the 11-minute short film, ‘The Time It Takes To Get There,’ which was directed by Braff and starred Pugh.  After which, in the same month, the two were seen holding hands while taking a stroll across New York. Zach sure likes to move fast, doesn’t he?

The couple managed to keep their relationship under wraps until November 2019, when Barf shared a photo on his Instagram account, which included Pugh and his other friends. The lovebirds even made their first public appearance that month when attending the premiere of Netflix’s ‘Marriage Story,’ but avoided being photographed on the red carpet together.

In February 2020, Braff and Pugh were seen accompanying each other at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party, where they did not pose for a photo together on the red carpet yet again. That is pretty clever, as both knew that one photograph on the red carpet would lead to them hitting tabloid headlines.

After two months, in April 2020, Pugh decided to go public on Instagram by sharing a picture of her boyfriend, Braff cuddling a puppy. But who knew the model would soon regret announcing her relationship?

Yes, the post caused a lot of stir amongst her fans as she was verbally abused for dating someone 21 years older than her. Pugh even had to disable the comments section on the particular post for all the toxic comments she was getting. To give everyone a piece of her mind, the model made a three-minute video talking about how being hateful is not at all trendy.

In July 2021, Pugh decided to talk more elaborately about the insults she had faced previously about her dating Zach Braff. The model said that it’s her life and she doesn’t have to do anything to please people. Pugh also added that if someone doesn’t like her, they can unfollow her on Instagram rather than post abusive comments that insult her and Braff.

Even after putting up with so much, Zach Braff and Florence Pugh’s relationship came to an end. Yes, although they tried their best to keep it out of the public but in November 2022, the model announced their breakup. Unfortunately, she had to face criticism even after parting ways with Braff as the public just kept the comments coming as this time, everyone expressed how happy they were that the couple had broken up.

Nonetheless, all breakups do not end badly, and this one didn’t either, as they worked together in Zach Braff’s film, ‘Called A Good Performance.’

After Pugh played one of the lead roles in the movie Braff even mentioned that Florence might be the best actress of the generation.

The two still remain friends giving us the hope that we may see them work together again in the future.

Final Note

The King of hearts is back in the market, ready to play the dating game again. Oh yes, from Zach Braff’s dating history, we can easily conclude that this guy is terrified of making commitments. I mean, he would be stuck with one woman, which is clearly not his thing.

Although when Braff dated Taylor and Florence, we all thought that the actor had finally decided to settle down, sadly we were wrong. It’s sad how women fall for him head over heels, but he doesn’t feel the same. Yeah, Florence, who was 21 years younger than him, even wanted to stay by his side for all time’s sake.

Nonetheless, the actor has managed to maintain a good relationship with most of his exes, except for Mandy Moore, which ended horribly.

Zach Braff even said that he would not be dating any super-famous women after his experience with Mandy!!

Now the question remains, Will Zach Braff ever commit to anyone and settle down, or will he continue playing Casanova?

I guess we have to wait and see what his next move is!!!

Till then, Adios!!

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