On May 3, 2023, a well-known YouTuber and bike rider lost his life in a road accident with the video of Agastya Chauhan viral

Agastya Chauhan died while overspeeding on the national highway.

Famous bike rider and YouTuber Agastya Chauhan dies in a tragic road accident

According to reports, Agastya Chauhan was on a trip with five of his friends. The police department confirmed three returned, and two, including Agastya, chose to ride the highway.

The Police Department Confirms The News Of The Road Accident

Agastya Chauhan was riding his bike at a speed of 300 kph while on his way from Agra to Delhi. His accident occurred at the 47-kilometre milestone of the Yamuna Expressway.

He reportedly lost control of his bike after hitting a divider, which led to the fatal crash. His helmet broke from the force of the hit, which caused mortal wounds. Despite the greatest efforts of the emergency responders, he passed away immediately from his injuries.

YouTuber Agastya Chauhan a Pro Rider 1000 accident video and photo go viral after his death in accident

The Tappal police station in the Aligarh district responded quickly to the accident’s news and took charge of the victim’s body. The post-mortem was then performed on the body at Kailash Hospital’s mortuary in Jewar, Greater Noida.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police for Aligarh, IPS Kalanidhi Naithani, the tragic road accident claimed the life of a well-known YouTube bike racer. after the deceased person’s family members have received the results of the post-mortem on the body.

Who Is Agastya Chauhan?

The 25-year-old young boy was a resident of Dehradun. Chauhan was well-known for his daring bike tricks and exceptional riding skills, which he frequently showcased on his well-liked YouTube channel. His admirers are horrified as a result of the latest accident. He has more than 12 lhs subscribers on YouTube. Chauhan also had a sizable following on social media and was an avid explorer. 

Furthermore, Agastya Chauhan’s family has not filed any complaint against the death of their son.

He left behind a mourning community of admirers and loved ones.

Meanwhile, Aligarh Police have urged drivers to exercise caution behind the wheel and refrain from speeding in light of this occurrence.


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