Know about Gangwon 2024 volunteer program, the requirements, when and where to apply and more about the Youth Olympic Games

The fourth Winter Youth Olympic Games will te place in Gangwon, in the Republic of Korea, from January 19 to February 1, 2024. There will be 1,900 individuals competing in 15 different Olympic sports. There will be no gender imbalance at the Games.

The selected volunteers will have the rare opportunity to operate in a zone with intense competition and me a substantial contribution to the success of the Games.

Their contribution has been essential to the success of the Olympi ever since they first utilised volunteers. You may now be part of the Gangwon 2024 and aid in the organisation of the Games.

Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 volunteer program, registration, age limit, how to apply for Olympi

The Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (YOCOG) is still accepting applications for their need for 2,000 volunteers. By May 31, 2023, you must submit your application. Professionals (who spe English well), General (aged 19 or older), and Youth (aged between 15 and 18) are the three categories that will be available.

In one of the four competition zones (PyeongChang, Gangneung, Jeongseon, or Hoengseong), the selected volunteers will te on a variety of responsibilities, including athlete support, media management, sports management, event/ceremony protocol, and regional leadership. They will receive transport services, meals, and uniforms. People who live outside the host cities will also be given housing options.

How to become a volunteer at Gangwon 2024?

All applicants must be based in the Republic of Korea and satisfy the requirements specified below:

  • Be available to te part in the hiring process, the volunteer activity period (16 January to 2 February 2024), and the training. (Note: Due to allocated tasks, dates may change.)
  • Age limit for competitions is 15 or older.

You have to be at least 19 years old when the Games begin, be able to communicate in English, and have a mobile phone from a Korean telecoms provider (for self-authentication). Please be aware that if you meet these qualifications, you may apply even if you live outside the Republic of Korea.

The hiring procedure is active until May 2023. The initial selection process is slated to te place in June–July 2023. August to October 2023 will see interviews as well as the beginning of basic training.

YOG volunteers who were selected to participate will receive official notification by the end of October 2023.

How to apply?

You can apply through the Gangwon 2024 official volunteers website (only available in Korean).



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