A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to recount the amusing text her husband sent to her when she was yelling and experiencing contractions in the delivery room.

The lady shared in a tweet that her spouse had told her that the way she was yelling was exactly how she moaned during their sexual encounters.

She wrote;

“Random memory.
I remember when I was in the labor room having contractions and trying to keep the shout down to the minimum, my phone pinged and I saw that it was a text message from my husband that was outside the labor room.

Man wrote ‘you’re sounding exactly the way you moan’

It took great restraint from me not to go out and bang the phone on his head and tell him that, dude! This is what got me into this situation.”

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In other news, Popular Nigerian journalist and publisher, Ogar Solomon has advised men on an unconventional way to get their wives to be submissive.

Solomon, in a Facebook post on Friday, May 26, told men whose wives do not submit to them to tell them that another wife is coming.

Solomon acknowledged that it is perfectly fine for men to love their partners wholeheartedly and to be open and vulnerable with them, as long as they are blessed with a good woman.

However, he cautioned against weakness in men, as it can lead their wives to adopt a feminist mindset. According to Solomon, a weak man is more likely to face challenges in maintaining his authority within the marriage.


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