Yeonwoo and Haesol’s relationship is budding but it seems like they are hitting some bumps in Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 108. Yeonwoo looks delicate and beautiful, like a woman and his frail appearance has only made his self confidence plummet. Therefore when rumors arise of Haesol and Jung Jinwoo dating each other, Yeonwoo can’t help but feel even worse about the situation. Yeonwoo is aware that Haesol is with him right now but the fact that everyone finds the rumors satisfactory has him disturbed.

Haesol is cold and beautiful, her graceful yet formidable persona making her look unapproachable to people on the outside. Even though Yeonwoo has been trying his best to make Haesol open up to him, even he realizes that he would be overstepping his boundaries if he pushed her to spill her secrets. Yeonwoo is a romantic and simple person, and he wants Haesol with him in his future but he is not sure if Haesol pictures him in the future that she wants to create for herself and dreams about.

Haesol and Yeonwoo are a mismatched couple but their opposing personalities complements each other really well. Yeonwoo’s childlike innocence pulled Haesol towards, regardless of her own inhibitions. If you are also enamored by Haesol and Yeonwoo’s love story and want updates about the upcoming chapter, then this article is for you. We will be talking about the release date of Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109, recap what happened in the previous chapter and tell our readers where they can read the manhwa.

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109 release date recap spoilers
Yeonwoo’s Innocence [Credits: Naver]

Yeonwoo’s Innocence is a romance and drama manhwa, that became popular for it’s unique characters and beautiful art style. The story is about Yeonwoo, a young feminine boy who is beautiful and delicate enough to be mistaken for a woman. Yeonwoo gets completely smitten by the popular and mysterious Kang Haesol. Yeonwoo’s crush just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the biggest problem is that he has never even talked to her before. How will these opposite attract each other?

Yeonwoo’s Innocence: Chapter 108 Recap

In the previous chapter of Yeonwoo’s Innocence, Yeonwoo is getting his measurements done for the function at school. Jisoo comments about Yeonwoo’s thin waist, and how he can be easily mistaken for a girl with his fragile appearance. Everyone is in high spirits for the event and the singing group begins practicing nearby. Yeonwoo talks to Jisoo and Hyorin, and the two girls share their dreams and ambitions with Yeonwoo. The talk makes Yeonwoo think of how he doesn’t have a concrete dream for future either.

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109 release date recap spoilers
Yeonwoo’s Innocence [Credits: Naver]

The students gather around each other and someone shows a picture of a model who looked exactly like Haeson. Yeonwoo tells them that Haesol said it wasn’t her but everyone is having doubts. The topic of Jinwoo comes up and apparently there has been a rumor that Haesol is dating Jinwoo. Everyone believes the rumor and fawns over the supposed couple, which makes Yeonwoo feel even more insecure. Just at that moment, Haesol appears and tells everyone that she is not dating Jinwoo.

Haesol and Yeonwoo leave the school and walk together to the cafe. Yeonwoo keeps pondering over the conversation he had with Jisoo and Hyorin earlier, and asks Haesol if she has a dream as well. Yeonwoo shares his dream of starting a family with someone he loves and living a happy life. But Hyeorin says that she has no idea about what she wants to do in future. The expression on Hyeorin’s face is odd and although Yeonwoo doesn’t question her further, he just hopes that he could be there in Hyeorin’s future as well.

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109 release date recap spoilers
Yeonwoo’s Innocence [Credits: Naver]

Yeonwoo’s Innocence: Chapter 109 Release Date

Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109 is estimated to be released on Saturday, 10 June 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

  • India: 8:30 PM (IST) on Friday, 9 June 2023
  • Japan: midnight (JST) on Saturday, 10 June 2023
  • Korea: midnight (KST) on Saturday, 10 June 2023
  • USA: 10:00 AM (EST) on Friday, 9 June 2023
  • UK: 3:00 PM (GMT) on Friday, 9 June 2023
  • Philippines: 11:00 (PHT) PM on Friday, 9 June 2023
  • Australia: 1:00 AM (AEST) on Saturday, 10 June 2023

Where To Read Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109?

You can read Yeonwoo’s Innocence Chapter 109 Raws on Naver Comic app and website.

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