'Will Amanda's Journey on Drag Race Reveal Her Partner?' Find Out More About the Belgian Star, Including Age and Parents!

For now, the obvious answer is no, as no information about her boyfriend had been published on any online platform. But we may get clues about her boyfriend in the later part of the Drug Race Belgium series if she had one.

Amanda Tears is making a splash on the new show Drag Race Belgium! Fans and viewers alike are excited to learn about her life, especially if she has someone special in it. With an impressive Wikipedia entry and a large family supporting her, there’s no doubt Amanda will be setting hearts racing on this season of DRB—boyfriend or not!

Amanda Tears is an amazing Belgian drag performer, and they’re ready to show the world what they’ve got! The star is soon set to hit television screens as a contestant on Drag Race Belgique. Get your popcorn ready for this vivacious talent – it’s sure to be a riveting ride!

Get ready to watch Amanda sashay away – the new Drag Race show featuring her is set for a Feb. 16, 2023 premiere!

A thrilling series is set to premiere on Tipik in Belgium and be available worldwide on WOW Presents Plus!

Amanda Tears Boyfriend

Amanda Tears keeps her love life private, with no evidence of a significant other online. By keeping her romantic life low-key, the Belgian drag queen is doing everything she can to keep any potential drama at bay.

We may uncover the mystery of her secret love life in upcoming episodes of Drag Race Belgique. Will we finally find out who is lucky enough to be romantically linked with this drag superstar?

Amanda Tears is a vibrant, talented rising star on the drag scene in Belgium. She’s been inspiring her fans with creative makeup looks for quite some time now – but she may be an independent queen! It could be that this outgoing artist hasn’t found ‘the one’ to feature alongside her on social media just yet.

Amanda Tears Wikipedia Age And Parents

Despite her considerable achievements and influence in the scene, Amanda Tears is a talented drag performer who has yet to receive a dedicated Wikipedia page. Here’s more about this vibrant artist!

Amanda Tears, a dynamic 22-year-old from Mouscron, Wallonia in Belgium, is making waves as an up-and-coming drag entertainer.

Amanda Tears was always destined to be a star – she’s been dazzling audiences with her stage name since way before arriving on Drag Race. Previously known as Milla Glace, she switched it up and decided “Amanda Tears” would make the perfect entrance!

She’s been an advocate for self-expression and freedom of identity. She showed up to events in her country and dressed as the gender she loves. For years, she has embraced multiple aspects of herself despite other people’s opinions or judgment!

At just 22, Amanda Tears is the youngest queen ever to sashay into Drag Race Belgique’s grand debut season.

Despite searches for info on Amanda, her parents remain shrouded in mystery. Amanda has achieved the incredible feat of being cast in a major international series – surely, her parents are bursting with pride.

More About Drag Race Belgium

Get ready for Drag Race Belgique, the new reality TV must-watch inspired by RuPaul’s iconic series! This high-stakes competition puts Belgium’s fiercest drag stars to the ultimate test. Who will emerge as top of their game? Tune in soon and find out!

Dive into the Belgian world with this captivating French-language series. Now available for domestic and global streaming through WOW Presents Plus and Tipik!

Canada’s beloved Drag Race runner-up Rita Baga is throwing on the judge’s wig and taking center stage as host of an exciting new series! Get ready for a drag extravaganza like no other.

At RuPaul’s DragCon UK, a star-studded judges’ panel was announced. Belgian blogger Lufy and singer Mustii will be lending their expertise at the event – promising a unique take on drag culture!

The international Drag Race phenomenon is continuing to evolve with exciting new editions. Belgium, Sweden, France, and the Phillippines have just joined a growing list of participants in this unique form of entertainment show.

Nine fabulous drag queens are putting their talents to the test in Belgium! From Amanda, 27, to Valenciaga’s 26 years of experience – this electrifying competition is sure to impress. Athena Sorgelikis and Brittany Von Bottoks bring youthful enthusiasm at 27 & 35, respectively. Drag Couenne looks for success at 24; Edna Sorgelsen brings her expertise from 34 spirited years. Also, Mademoiselle Boop (37), Mocca Bone (35), or Peach will leave you speechless with 23 mesmerizing performances. Also, Susan and Valenciagas’ captivating acts add an edge that’ll keep viewers on the edge of their seats! Who can be crowned as The Ultimate Belgian Drag Queen?

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