Want to know why Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker divorced? The two of them parted their ways legally after nearly two decades of togetherness. Neither of them is alive today, but their marriage details are still questionable to many. What happened between them? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker’s prominence.

Starting from the basics, Mary Tyler Moore was a versatile actress. Hailing from Brooklyn, she was majorly known for The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. When it comes to her works, the notable ones are Wanted: Dead or Alive, Flirting with Disaster, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Thriller. 

On the other hand, Grant Tinker was known for being the chairman and chief executive officer of NBC. He served it from 1981 to 1986. Besides that, he also founded MTM Enterprises, a production company along with his ex-wife, Mary Tyler Moore. 

Coming back to Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker’s divorce also calls for the discussion of their marriage. It was in 1962 when a romantic relationship started legally between the two. After so many years of their bond, what went wrong? Was it a matter of extramarital affair? People have several assumptions. If you are looking for more details about Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker’s divorce, here is what we know. 

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Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker Divorce: All You Need To Know 

It was in 1981 when Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker got divorced. What happened? Initially, the reason was cited as having had professional and personal differences in between. In other words, it was amicable. As the years passed, the details came out. Still, not everyone knows it. Did you know it was their second marriage? 

Why Did Mary Tyler Moore And Grant Tinker Divorce?
Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker (CC: Television Academy)

Later, Mary Tyler Moore shared that it was too quick for her that she jumped into a relationship with Grant Tinker. In the later days, she used to feel empty, despite being together with her husband. At the same time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show also gained massive success. Both were happy about that, but it didn’t satisfy or fulfill them completely. Why? Their marriage felt a bit troublesome, especially for her. 

Success, Mary Tyler Moore shared that both of them were on the edge of becoming “television’s golden couple.” That was when the actress realized how empty their relationship was. Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker got very much into work. They were constantly working, which eventually affected their personal lives.

It was the former NBC chairman, Grant Tinker, who was the first person to even think about their separation. The argument started one day, right after their dinner. To be more exact about the year, it was back in 1973. He reportedly felt like they had “poisoned the marriage.”

Following the after-dinner argument, Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker parted ways for 1.5 months. Meanwhile, the former started sharing a romance with someone else. Not only that but when she returned, she found that Grant had also moved on with someone. That’s how their marriage ended. 

Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker’s divorce had obvious reasons. Knowing that some claimed that they might have made some efforts for their marriage to work. Well, we can’t say that so easily. We aren’t sure what they went through during their marriage was still on.

It was more like Mary Tyler Moore and her then-husband, Grant Tinker, moved on from each other quietly. So, the legal things needed to be done to end it officially as well. After Mary Tyler Moore and Grant Tinker’s divorce, they both got married again. With whom? With Robert Levine and Brooke Knapp, respectively. That’s how things ended! 

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