Karan Kundra made his acting debut on Ekta Kapoor’s famous television series Kitni Mohabbat Hai. Soon he was being seen on more tv series and garnered praise from daily soaps fans across the country.

Karan Kundra is best known for the Reality TV show MTV Roadies as one of the judges. He did his fair share of films even though he is mostly recognized as a television personality. Not only has he made appearances on famous shows like Splitsvilla, Ace of Space, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, and Lock Upp; he has also been a part of many music videos. He is safely one of the most famous TV personalities. 

Fans recognize Anusha Dandekar the best as VJ Anusha. She is a fashion personality, actress, and model. She has hosted several shows for varying channels. Anusha has not only worked in Hindi but also Marathi films and received a lot of praise for her work in the Marathi movie Virudh.

Anusha is best recognized as a co-mentor alongside Lisa Hayden for the show India’s Next Top Model. She has hosted several shows for MTV, including MTV Rock On, India’s Next Supermodel, and Supermodel of the Year. Known to be a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind; Anusha has frequently taken to social media to talk about mental health and give advice to her fans.   

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Karan and Anusha Start Dating 

Karan and Anusha are both TV Stars in their own right. They first met at an airport and started talking. It was not long before the couple realized that the two liked each other. They made it official on their social media, and it was clear how in love they were. One of the most beautiful television couples, they were swoon-worthy in every way. They got love from their fans as well, who could see their happiness even through the screen. 

Karna and Anusha
Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar (Credits: India Today)

They were together for approximately four years. During this time, they became the ideal television couple, so much so that they starred in the Reality TV Series Love School. At Love School, they helped contest couples strengthen their relationships, gave them dating advice, judged their relationship, and became mentors to these couples.

The show went on for about four seasons on MTV, receiving consistent viewership throughout all the seasons. Together they made appearances on other shows as well. Fans could not possibly imagine them apart due to how perfect their relationship seemed. They also started cohabiting as the next big step in their relationships. However, in 2020 they both broke up, leaving their fans surprised. Why did Karan and Anusha break up?

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Why Did They Split?  

During the 2020 Covid Lockdown, the couple was not living together. While Anusha moved back home, Karan stayed in his Mumbai home. During this point, the rumors of their rift began to take over. People began to speculate about their split. However, it was all an assumption until Anusha confirmed the breakup on her Instagram. She wrote a caption hinting at the reason for the split. 

Karna and Anusha
The Former Couple Karna and Anusha (Credit: India TV News)

Not so surprisingly, trolls took to the internet to point out the irony of the situation. They mocked the couple on how they were Love Professors on a relationship advice show and ended up splitting themselves. A cruel and crude take from many trolls, Anusha had already clarified in the post that she always meant all the advice she gave and was not going back on any of her statements. At this point, the reasons were unclear. Although in the post, she hinted at being cheated on and lied to by her partner as the reason for their split. From a distance, the breakup seemed far from pleasant. 

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New Revelations 

New revelations came about the split after a while. During a ‘Ask Me Anything’ live session on her Instagram, a fan asked Anusha if she could give a direct reason for why they broke up. Previously she had hinted at infidelity as the reason for the split. She spoke about how she had begun to feel not like herself in the relationship and felt like she had let go of her self-respect to be in the relationship. She said that she chose herself and she deserved more honesty in her relationship. 

Karna and Anusha
On The Set of Love School – Karna and Anusha (Credits: VOOT)

In a surprising turn of events, Karan talked about the breakup not in an interview but in Bigg Boss Season 15, where he is a contestant. He talked to Shamita Shetty about his breakup with his former girlfriend, Anusha. He said that he messed up in a lot of aspects, especially due to the lockdown. Covid lockdown was not an easy time, and a lot of breakups happened at this time.

He also claimed that if the couple had sat together and talked about it, the result would be different. Shamita Shetty also said that she wished that his ex was watching the show currently. To which Karan replied that she is the company of many who might incite her. This could hint at another possible reason for the breakup that has not been made public.

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