Who Was Jonathan Crews? Was He Shot To Death?

Jonathan Crews was a popular and respected member of the local community in Coppell, Texas. Yes, he was shot to death.

Jonathan Crews was found in bed at his residence in Coppell, where he was shot many times. Brenda Lazaro is the only person who knows who fired the shot.

When the 911 dispatcher answers the phone, Brenda Lazaro is already in the process of crying. She exclaims, “Oh, my God!” once more. Oh, my heavenly being! Oh, my heavenly goodness! Despite the fact that she has no idea what the call is about, the dispatcher makes an effort to put her at ease.

When he wanted to know where she was, she started screaming over the phone and said twice she was at the apartment. Well, it was probably a shivering moment.

Although the conclusion reached by the authorities was that Crews had committed suicide over a period of years, his family insisted all along that he had been killed.

Who Was Jonathan Crews?

Jonathan Crews was a man from Coppell, Texas, which is a tiny community near Dallas and Fort Worth.

Crews were said to be kind, caring, and very committed in their communities. Jonathan was born in California, but he lived in Irving when he was little. Pam didn’t work so she could raise her three kids.

John, their father, was a lawyer and the pastor of the Heartland Church, which was not affiliated with any religion. In Montana, where Jonathan spent a lot of time with his grandfather, he learned how to fire guns.

He grew into a tall and skinny teenager and during his childhood, he used to play the bass guitar and listen to Ozzy Osbourne and Green Day, but then he found out that his mother had the same musical preferences as him. When he was around unfamiliar people, he was always quiet and kept a soft smile on his face.

It was his first experience living on his own, and he marked the occasion by moving into an apartment in Riverchase, which he had rented with the earnings from his new job.

Was Jonathan Crews Shot To Death?

In a civil trial held on Friday in Dallas County, the jury decided that Jonathan Crews’s ex-girlfriend Brenda Kelly was most likely responsible for his murder. The trial was over a civil matter.

Kelly, whose given name is Lazaro, dialed 911 at approximately 11:30 p.m. to claim that Crews, 27, had committed suicide by shooting himself in order to express his love for her. She has never been investigated or charged in connection with his death.

Shaw asserted that Kelly was extremely jealous of the ladies Crews was interacting with and that this jealousy drove Kelly crazy. When she saw Crews and his close friend Emily Ramsey embrace at a dinner two months before he passed away, she became particularly upset at Emily Ramsey, who was Crews’ close friend.

Kelly was asked to the dinner by Crews so that she could meet Ramsey and Jacob Ramsey. Kelly’s longtime friend Crews was dating Jacob Ramsey at the time.

However, according to the messages that Crews sent to his sister, it was said that he was about to leave Kelly permanently. And this happened the night he was shot.

What Was The Accusation Of Crews’ Family?

So, his family was pretty sure Crew was shot to death due to her girlfriend Kelly as she was always jealous of other girls who were close to Crew. Thus, out of her anger, she shot their son.

According to the evidence, Kelly supplied multiple stories of the shooting, including the position of the gunshot wound and the area of Crews’ apartment where she was when he was shot.

Police found Crews’ broken phone stuck between his mattress and bed frame. However, his family was shocked to see the gun’s dirty magazine hidden between his ties.

The case has shown how important strict investigations are and how important it is to hold people accountable when mistakes are made.

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