Who Was DJ Azex Girlfriend

DJ Azex’s girlfriend was a student of MBBS and he died due to mental harassment.

DJ Azex’s girlfriend has been one of the most discussed topics about things in the past few years when people talk about their own lives.

According to the most recent news, DJ Azex, whose real name was Akshay Kumar, was found dead at his home in Bhubaneswar on Saturday in a strange way.

The police have started looking into what happened, and his body has already been taken to the morgue at the Capital hospital for more tests.

It’s been said that DJ Azex died at his home, but the actual reason for his death is still unknown. The family members say that he was in his room last night when a storm hit the city.

DJ Azex was a well-known DJ in the country and his sudden death shocked and saddened both the music business and his fans.

Who Was His Girlfriend?

As already said before, people are very keen to know about his girlfriend and his personal life, so his girlfriend has been a hot topic for a long time.

The day the famous DJ was found dead, his parents made a complaint against his girlfriend and one of his girlfriend’s friends. They said that their son was not doing well, he was mentally pressured and was forced to take his life due to the harassment.

The FIR says that Akshay and his girlfriend, who was an MBBS student at a private college in the area, had been together for about a year.

But it was said that she used him to get money and insisted on a two-wheeler. Their WhatsApp chats showed that Akshay had even sent Rs 15,000 to her account through PhonePe.

The FIR also said that the girl later broke up with Akshay and started seeing another guy. This guy threatened Akshay that if he didn’t leave her, he would release a video of them being intimate.

This caused Akshay to be bothered and tortured in his mind even more. So, his family blamed his girlfriend and her boyfriend for forcing him to take his own life.

Fans of DJ Azex and people in the music business were shocked and saddened by what happened.

The police are looking into what happened and will go to court against the person who is accused. It is important to take mental health problems seriously and help people who are having trouble with their mental health.

What Killed DJ Azex?

On Saturday, a well-known and respected DJ in the country named Akshay Kumar was found hanging in his room. At first, people close to his family did not think that any problems in his personal life could have led to this terrible accident.

The police have started to work on the situation. They have said that the actual cause of his death will be found after an autopsy is done and the case is looked into more.

To stop similar things from happening, it’s important to find out why these things happen.

Akshay’s unexpected and early demise has shocked and saddened the music industry and its fans. He was recognized for being a great DJ, and his contributions to the music business will be remembered for a long time.

However, we all can learn a lesson from Akshay’s early demise, it is very important to take care of the person who ever is going through this situation as mentally disturbed people can harm themself and take any dangerous steps.

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