A group of Chinese animal abusers has reportedly threatened to put more cats in blenders, after authorities arrested the original culprit behind the viral video of a cat tortured in a blender with the full priginal footage now viral

Following the arrest of the original cat abuser, news about a possible live stream event where multiple animal abusers would torture cats to death in blenders is going viral.

Who is Xu Zhihui of China cat in a blender video guy as full original footage goes viral on Twitter, Reddit

The post on Reddit sharing the news about the mass cat abuse has since been removed down from the forum.

Police arrest food blogger after posting viral video of a cat tortured in a blender

After a food blogger posted a video of a helpless cat tortured in a blender, the video caused strong reactions on Twitter as well as TikTok. Reports stated that the Chinese police person had soon arrested the person who made and posted the video. However, there are now doubts regarding whether officials arrested the right person.

The person that the police arrested has been identified as Xu Zhihui. Xu is a food blogger/vlogger from Anhui, and is very popular on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and Bilibili. Although Xu was arrested, it was not specifically for abusing and killing cats. These actions are not termed illegal in China. Instead, officials arrested him on the charges of sharing inappropriate content online, which included the videos of cat abuse.

Moreover, Xu is under “administrative detention” which typically lasts a maximum of 15 days in China. This type of detention is quite common for law enforcement and does not involve pressing criminal charges.

Group of cat abusers looking to te revenge

Following the arrest, fellow cat abusers are reportedly looking to te revenge and are planning to harm more cats. A Reddit user showed screenshots from ‘cat abuser’ groups which revealed several animal torturers rallying in support of the culprit.

The screenshots reveal threats to hold a mass livestream event where abusers would torture more cats to death.

Cat abuse a major phenomenon in China

Although China currently has a law called the Wild Animal Protection Law, this law only aims to safeguard rare wildlife. As such, there is no Animal Welfare Act for animals in general. Due to this, abuse towards animals like cats and dogs is quite common and remains legal.

In recent years, cat abuse has become quite widespread with some cat abusers even forming numerous cat abuse chat groups. These groups are formed on popular Chinese communication apps like QQ and WeChat. Members of these groups resort to open sharing of their experiences of cat abuse. They also resort to sharing videos of images depicting the abuse, and even sell such contents for a profit.

What’s shocking is that many of these cat abuse groups even include many students and minors. In fact, one group member who claims to be just 10 years old, openly admits to enjoying cat abuse. The young boy even challenged others to te action against him, since he is a minor.


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