William Cho, the oldest son of a Korean relative, lost his parents and younger brother in a shooting spree at a Texas mall on May 6, 2023, know his age and parents

William was hurt in the attack, but he lived through it. His strength in the face of such terrible things has been an example to many. This terrible event is just one more reminder of how terrible gun violence is and how badly the US needs stricter gun control rules.

Who is William Cho as he becomes orphaned after family is killed in Texas Mall Massacre, bio, age, parents, GoFundMe

Cindy Cho, a 35-year-old dentist, her husband Kyu, who is 37, and their 3-year-old son James were all killed in the killing at Allen Mall in Texas. Also William was one of three children who died in the attack. The other two were sisters Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, who were both in first grade. Ida, their mother, was also hurt and is still in very bad shape in the hospital.

Mauricio Garcia, 33, was shot and killed by cops. He was a right-wing extremist and believed in white supremacy. Reports say that his social media accounts had pictures of Nazi swastikas and SS tattoos, as well as messages about violence and posts that praised Nazis. Garcia was highly armed when police found him. He had a plastic vest, a handgun, and an AR-style rifle, and more guns were found in his car.

Community rallies around orphaned William Cho, Raising funds on GoFundMe

After the tragedy, a GoFundMe page was set up for the William Cho family. The goal was to raise $50,000, but so far more than $379,405 has been made. The organisers sent their condolences and said, “An afternoon that should have been full of light, love, and celebration was cut short by another mass shooting massacre that killed 8 people.”

William Cho had just turned six four days before the attack. He was ten to the hospital with serious injuries. But he was moved out of the ICU and is now getting better. People who have been watching the tragedy have been impressed by how strong the young boy has been after losing his family.

South Korean consulate in Dallas expresses condolences

The South Korean consulate in Dallas sent their deepest sympathies, saying, “The Korean consulate joins the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to express our deepest condolences for the victims and their family members. We pray for the victims and their family members for their healing and recovery.” All of the people who died were from the US.

The shooting at Allen Mall is a painful warning that the US needs stricter gun laws right away. Also the tragedy has brought up the debate about gun ownership again, and people are calling for stricter rules to stop attacks like this from happening again.

As the country continues to mourn the victims and their families, the attention is on helping those who have been hurt by the tragedy. In the middle of all the pain and sadness, William Cho and the other survivors’ strength has been a light of hope. They have shown us that even in the worst times, we can find the strength and courage to keep going.


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