Bbjess is a rising star on the Twitch streaming network, know her age, net worth and real name

Here is all you need to know about the streamer

On the Twitch streaming platform, Bbjess has been gaining a lot of attention.

On TikTok, she has 300,000 fans, and on Twitch, 115,311. She is a young content creator who has already developed a loyal audience; this shows that she has a likeable personality, a distinctive point of view, and interesting streams.

But how did bbjess get on Twitch, and who is she? Continue reading to find out more about her new career as a Twitch streamer after quitting her day job as a restaurant manager.

Who is Twitch streamer bbjess: Bio, age, real name, net worth, Twitter and Instagram

Bbjess was born and raised in United States of America. She started her career as a restaurant manager. Although she valued her job, she started to yearn for a more artistic outlet.

Her real name is Jessica and she is aged 28, born on February 13, 1995 with her net worth between $100,000-$1 million.

She then learned about Twitch as a platform where she could create her own community and started exploring streaming world.

Throughout the COVID era, there was a noticeable surge in all digital platform-driven content.

Bbjess wanted to express her artistic side as a result. She began by working irregular hours, but after some time she quit her jobs to concentrate on streaming and started to post videos frequently and regularly.

After that, she started on her journey to becoming a content creator. Fans see her as someone who never betrays others out of selfish motivations because she has always been honest with herself.

Main theme of bbjess journey

Tubefilter claims that Jess always chooses to be honest and maintain her authenticity.

Jess believes that collaboration is essential to the creative process. She likes working with other creators and artists to create unique work.

She concurs that working together is crucial for building a feeling of community and assisting others in the industry.

She plans to expand her platform in the future and is interested in podcasting and video production.

She wants to use her position to promote activism and social justice. Given her commitment to and passion for her career, it should come as no surprise that she is one of Twitch’s top stars.

How did she go viral?

Once she began streaming continuously, she got close to 300–400 viewers, according to Tubefilter.

She wanted to share her experiences and talents. Then, dressed as Lola Bunny, she did enjoyable actions to music.

It became popular overnight, and her subscriber count swiftly rose. She doesn’t follow any particular schedule while posting clips and tiktok videos.

For the past three years, she has regularly broadcast for 14 hours each day out of pure desire!



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