Tara Jay is a notorious transgender TikTok influencer, know about her biological gender and wife

Find out more about her background, recent news, and much more.

TikTok has developed into a platform where users don’t hesitate to express their opinions, and because of the site’s algorithms, such opinions may quickly go viral. However, due to this, sometimes disturbing kinds of stuff have also gone viral.

In the most recent incident, transgender TikToker Tara Jay gained a lot of internet popularity after ming what appeared to be a threat to shoot down ladies. She asserted in a number of her videos that carrying guns is “justifiable” for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Amid all this, a woman identifying herself as Tara Jay’s ex-wife came out and called Jay a “racist woman beater” who “threatened to knock” her teeth out. According to information provided by de-transitioner and influencer Oli London, Jay’s ex-wife posted remarks on social media claiming that Jay harasses individuals on Facebook nonstop and is abusive to her.

Since then, Tara Jay has become a hot topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is trans TikTok influencer Tara Jay a Thomas Jay White: Bio, age, wife, gender, real name

Tara Jay is a notorious transgender TikTok influencer. She has been in the news because of her video, in which she threatened to shoot down ladies.

Her real name is Thomas Jay White. However, she soon started to consider herself a l*sbian. She began transitioning from male to female in 2017.

Previously, he was married to a woman named Allison White. However, they are now separated, allegedly due to Tara Jay’s weird and violent behavior, unemployment, and Crohn’s disease. She also alleged that Tara is a cyberbully and often stalks other people on social media.

With 2.4K followers, Tara Jay often shares her opinions on TikTok. Despite her extensive social media use, her postings are frequently blocked because of their graphic nature and dangerous threats. She has received criticism lately for saying that anyone who attempted to prevent a transgender person from accessing the women’s toilet would suffer reprisals.


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