Tina Tintor has been identified as the victim who died in the Henry Ruggs car crush, which took place last November, find out more about her below including details about the accident

The former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver caused an accident, resulting in the death of a woman and her dog.

Who is Tina Tintor victim who died in Henry Ruggs car crash accident along with her dog

Months after the incident, the deceased victim has been identified as Tina Tintor a 23-year-old Las Vegas resident.

Henry Ruggs car crash

NFL fans were left in shock by the news of the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver causing a car accident which led to the death of a woman and her pet dog. Although initial reports that came out on November 2nd did not reveal the identity of the victim, it is now confirmed.

According to the reports, Tina Tintor was reportedly driving an RAV-4, which Henry Ruggs III struck from behind with his Chevrolet Corvette. The incident occurred at around 3:40 a.m. on Tuesday.

Henry Ruggs III was reportedly speeding at 156 miles per hour before slamming behind Tintor’s SUV. The crash sent Tina’s vehicle flying into the air and instantly bursting into flames. Tintor was left pinned inside the car and burned to death as she could not escape. Firefighters could not make it in time to the vehicle to save her life. Her pet dog who was also in the car got stuck with her and died with her.

Tina Tintor

According to police, Tina O. Tintor is a 23-year-old resident of Las Vegas. She was driving a Toyota RAV4 and records show that she lived just several blocks away from where the accident occurred. Her home is located on a busy thoroughfare in a residential area several miles west of the Strip.

Following the accident, when authorities tested Ruggs’ blood alcohol level, it was reported to be 0.161. This is double the legal limit allowed for a person behind the wheel of a car.

Only wanted the good for everybody

After news about the accident and Tintor’s untimely death broke out, her childhood friends began to speak on her memory.

One of Tintor’s childhood friend, Bojana Filipovic, said this about Tintor:

She’s brilliant, she’s smart, she’s intelligent. She only wanted the good for everybody.”

Filipovic was also reportedly the last person Tina met before the accident. She told authorities that she was with Tintor and her dog for a short time before the accident. Filipovic stated that they went out for a late-night walk together with Tintor’s dog.

Tintor’s mother also called Filipovic to check if it was her daughter’s car upon hearing the news about the accident. Her mom had been worried because she hadn’t come from their late-night walk yet. Sadly her assumptions were true and it was indeed her daughter who died in the car crash.

Filipovic stated her final comments over the heartbreak surrounding the tragic car wreck:

I love you very much. I’m’ sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

Henry Ruggs released

Following the tragic incident, The Las Vegas Raiders have since released Henry Ruggs III. Moreover, authorities have charged Ruggs with DUI resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in bodily injury or death. If Ruggs is convicted, he could face anywhere from six to 20 years in prison on charges of vehicular manslaughter.


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