A fan of Arsenal was caught on May 2, 2023, after he used a laser pen to aim at Chelsea player Mykhailo Mudryk during a game

Many people thought that Mudryk would sign with Arsenal earlier this year, but he instead signed with Chelsea for £88 million.

Arsenal condemns dangerous behavior by fan who used laser pen on Chelsea Player Mykhailo Mudryk

Arsenal was winning 3-1 against Chelsea when the event happened. Mykhailo Mudryk came off the bench to play, but a dangerous and unacceptable act by an Arsenal fan ruined the game.

After the game, Arsenal put out a statement saying that the use of the laser pen was “dangerous and totally unacceptable.” The club said that they knew a fan had been arrested and that they would “fully support the police in their investigations.” They also said they would te the “strongest possible action.”

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that a 21-year-old guy was arrested on suspicion of breing a public order law. The Football Association (FA) will also look into what happened.

Laser pen use growing recently with players

In recent years, there has been a growing worry about the use of laser pens at sports events. Players and officials could get hurt very badly if they are used. The thing that happened at the Arsenal-Chelsea game has caused more alarm, and many people are asking for stricter rules to stop this from happening again.

Arsenal was once interested in Mykhailo Mudryk, who the laser pen had been aimed at. The 22-year-old forward had been talking with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta and technical director Edu Gaspar for months, and they were getting closer to a deal. But Chelsea made a last-minute offer that Arsenal couldn’t match, so Mudryk ended up joining the London foe.

Laser pen use on Mykhailo Mudryk highlights need for increased event security

Arsenal fans were upset by what happened, but using a laser pen on Mykhailo Mudryk was highly criticised. Fans and allies took to social media to say how upset they were about the dangerous behaviour, and some even called for the person who did it to be banned for life. Others said that the behaviour was “stupid” and “lacks class,” and that it didn’t fit with the true spirit of the sport.

The incident also shows that sports events need to have more protection and surveillance. Even though laser pens are usually not allowed at sports events, they are still used sometimes, often with dangerous results. Many people want tighter rules to stop the use of these devices, such as better education for fans and harsher punishments for those who do use them.

The situation at the Arsenal-Chelsea game shows how dangerous it can be to act carelessly in sports. Even though most fans are enthusiastic and polite, a small number of them can do real harm to players and officials. Fans, groups, and the government all have to work together to me sure that sports events are safe and fun for everyone.


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