Who Is Salome Alejandra? Calvin Abueva Wife, Family, And Net Worth

In short, Salome Alejandra is Calvin Abueva’s Wife.

Calvin Abueva was born in the Philippines on February 4, 1988. He has a lot of basketball experience. He is one of the Philippines’ most outstanding basketball players. He is often called “The Beast” because of the danger he provides on both sides of the court.

He also started his NCAA college career with the Stags in 2009. The San Sebastian Bulls, headed by Ato Agustin, defeated the San Beda Red Lions in the NCAA championship game in 2009. Abueva came to national popularity as Jimbo Aquino’s bravest defender. When Aquino left SSC, he took over wonderfully.

However, some of Calvin’s followers are curious about his personal life. So, reading about a great player’s wife, children, and income is normally more exciting.

Today, we will learn about Calvin Abueva’s personal life. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Calvin Abueva Wife: Who Is Salome Alejandra?

Calvin Abueva’s wife’s name is Salome Alejandra. She is sometimes referred to as Sam, which is a shorthand for Salome.

According to her Facebook, she now resides in San Juan del Monte, where she was born, and works at Dampa ni the Beast Seafood.

Since she hasn’t disclosed any private information to the public, Calvin Abueva’s wife’s information has, unfortunately, been kept a secret.

Calvin Abueva Family: Does He Have Kids?

Calvin doesn’t seem to have any kids right now, but Calvin Abueva’s wife joked on Facebook that she’d get pregnant on Christmas.

Calvin’s mother, Evelyn Abueva, was from the Philippines. His father, Calvin Sweeney, was an American who represented the US Navy.

Calvin’s parents, Evelyn and Sweeney, were only together for a short time before they had Calvin. Richard Ramsey was his long-lost brother. His mother had given him up for adoption when he was only 3 months old because they were poor.

Richard plays basketball at De Ocampo Memorial College in Sta. Mesa, Manila, just like his brother. He is also an assistant coach for the De Ocampo Cobras basketball team.

Calvin Abueva Net Worth 2023

Calvin is very private about his personal information, like how much money he has. He hasn’t told his fans how much money he has yet.

One of the richest and most well-known basketball players in the world is Calvin Abueva.

Given what Calvin Abueva has done in basketball, it’s not surprising that his net worth is going up like a 3-pointer. Reports say that he is one of the richest basketball players in the Philippines.

Calvin Abueva’s wealth is now more than $32 million. This information hasn’t been confirmed by the athlete, though. He is the third richest person on the list, after Greg Slaughter in second place and June Mar Fajardo in first place.

Basketball is the main and most important way to make money for him. Calvin made $3 million and $5 million in income, respectively. Most of Calvin’s money came from his Yeezy shoes. Throughout the years, he had also lied about how big his company was.

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