Who Is Nick Faldo's Wife, Lindsay De Marco

Who is the wife of golfing legend Nick Faldo? Nick Faldo, a former golfing pro, has established a solid reputation as a popular television analyst. His outstanding resume boasts up to 41 professional victories, including 30 on the European Tour and six major titles. Recently, news broke that CBS presenter Nick Faldo is leaving the company after 16 arduous years!

During Sunday’s final round of the 2022 Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, North Carolina, the golfing legend said his goodbyes. In addition, the club’s Wall of Fame honors the six-time major champion with a plaque below the ninth green!

The former broadcaster and golfer has stated that he wants to move far away with his wife and begin a new chapter in their lives. The public is interested in learning more about Nick’s personal life. Let’s examine all the specifics and lesser-known information regarding Nick Faldo’s marriage.

Who is Nick Faldo’s Wife?

Lindsay De Marco is the spouse of Nick Faldo. The golfing celebrity, who has been married four times, wed Lindsay, a former Mrs. Conservative USA. In December 2020, the couple exchanged vows. Due to COVID limits, only 16 guests were able to attend the little wedding. As their initial plans for a spectacular Kensington Palace party fell through due to the epidemic, this wedding took place.

Faldo stated his intention to reduce his travel time in order to concentrate on his enterprises and other relationships, some of which he claimed have not yet been made public. The six-time major champion gave several reasons why he was giving up full-time broadcasting, including his association with Black Bull Scotch Whisky, the Faldo Design company, and the Faldo Series.

Nick Faldo Shares His Marriage Story!

Faldo added that he enjoys spending time with Lindsay, his wife, and feels incredibly close to her. Faldo and his wife are familiar with one another’s pasts, but the golfing legend was eager to look forward rather than back, and their relationship is stronger than ever.

Although adding that one cannot undo the past, one can learn from it, and the couple believes in living in the present, Faldo said that although they had had experiences, they had both moved on from them.

Faldo, who currently resides on a farm in Montana, has recently announced his retirement and hopes to spend more time with his family. The golfer acknowledged that he and Lindsay are fortunate to have a very close and special relationship and that he hopes to spend more time with her following his retirement. He stated that he, his wife, and three Weimaraners have moved to the marvelous and lovely state of Montana.

The couple has not officially disclosed how they met, although it is believed that they have been dating for a while. The pair wed in the Florida Keys on December 18, 2020, instead of at their extravagant wedding, which had to be postponed because of the epidemic.

The couple has never had children together as of 2023. Faldo, on the other hand, has four children from his previous marriages with the names Matthew, Natalie, Georgia, and Emma Scarlet.

We’re Hopeless Romantics

We were happily married for eight months, the former golfer claimed, implying that something wasn’t quite right from the beginning. Sadly, our marriage lasted for four and a half years.

Following their divorce, he wed Gill Bennett, his manager’s secretary, and the two went on to have three children: Natalie, Matthew, and Georgia. After he started dating Brenna Cepelak, a 20-year-old American golf student, Faldo, and Bennett broke up in 1995.

Benett described Faldo bluntly as “socially, a 24-handicapper.” Another disastrous chapter in Faldo’s whirlwind three-year romance with Cepelak was the alleged smashing of his Porsche with a golf club once she learned of his new flame Valerie Bercher.

The Mail quotes Faldo as saying, “I was hoping she didn’t use my best clubs. When I learned that she had just taken a used wedge I had left laying around the garage, you should have heard me sigh with relief.

Faldo and Valerie had a daughter together after getting married at a grandiose wedding in 2001.

The pair filed for divorce five years later, thus the three-time Open champion’s happy ending was once more short-lived.

His numerous prior romances have had no impact on his new wife Lindsay, who merely attributes their history to being “hopeless romantics”. We adore traveling and really click as a couple, she said.

We wanted to commit because we are hopeless romantics. Before Faldo, Lindsay had been married six times. Faldo claims he has finally found “the one”.


The wedding took place on December 18, which was fortunate for Sir Nick, one of the best golfers in history, who has won three Masters and three Open Championships He claims that 18 is a lucky number for him. Now that their knots are tied we only wish that Lindsay De Marco and Nick Faldo are in for a very happy life.

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