Who is Naba Das's Wife, Daughter, Family, and Wealth (Odisha's Health Minister)

Naba Das, the Minister of Health for Odisha, is engaged with Minati Das. The Das pair has been married for quite some time and has been blessed with two children, namely Vishal Das and Dipali Das.

Naba Kishore Das, the Minister of Health for the state of Odisha, was shot in the chest by an Assistant (ASI) of the Cid on January 29, 2023.

Das was on his way to a social venue in the town of Brajarajnagar, located in the western part of the state of Odisha, when a police officer named Gopal Das murdered him from point-blank range, seriously injuring him.

Naba Das is the current Leader of the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), the party in power, and is led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Das is a former barrister.

Odisha’s Minister of Health, Naba Das, is engaged with the state’s Minister of Health, Minati Das. The Das couple has been married for a while and graced with two children, Vishal Das, and Dipali Das. Both of their names are Das.

On January 29, 2023, Naba Kishore Das, serving as the Minister of Health for the government of Odisha, was fatally wounded by a bullet to the chest fired by an Assistant (ASI) of the Cid.

Das was on his approach to a social event in the district of Brajarajnagar, located in the western section of the state of Odisha when he was assassinated by a police officer identified as Gopal Das from point blank range, gravely injuring Das in the process.

The Biju Janata Dal (BJD), the organization now in power and led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, currently has Naba Das as its Leader. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is the party’s founder. Das is a law professor who practiced law.

There needs to be more information available regarding the marital status of Naba Das. As a result, the exact day the Health Minister of Odisha married his wife is unknown.

In any case, it is reasonable to assume that the Das pair has been happily married for some generations. They also have a child together. The recent gunfire event must have left the family in disbelief.

According to rumors, Minati Das contributes to the success of the family enterprise in terms of her professional life. In addition, Mrs. Das is frequently interviewed by other media outlets.

Meet Naba Das, Son Vishal Das, and Daughter, Dipali Das

Naba Das, Vishal, and Dipali’s children have reached adulthood. Each of the Das siblings lives their life on their terms.

Dipali Das has continued the family tradition of working in the family business, which Naba Das’ son currently manages.

In October 2022, Naba Das declared that he would be passing the leadership of Jharsuguda on to his daughter, Dipali Das. Dipali and her father are frequently spotted attending political events together.

Dipali Das, the daughter of Naba Das and his wife Naba Das, is pursuing in her father’s footsteps.

The Total Value Of Naba Das’s Assets And Net Worth

According to the Times of India, Naba Das is among the wealthiest members of the Legislative Assembly. The statement that the Minister of Health submitted to the government the previous year revealed that he owns properties with a combined value of Rs. 34 crores.

Jharsuguda, a city known for its thriving manufacturing sector, is Mr. Das’s hometown. In contrast to being an effective politician, he has also demonstrated success in business.

The minister’s primary concentration is on the mining transportation sector in the Jharsuguda, Sundargarh, and Sambalpur districts.

In addition, Naba Das owns residential properties in several cities, including his hometown of Jharsuguda and Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Rairakhol.

In addition, the person born in Jharsuguda also owns 70 vehicles, one of which is a Mercedes Benz, which has a combined value of Rs. 15 crores.

Regarding his academic background, Naba Das has a post-graduate degree in law and an MA LLB.

Naba Das Charitable Contributions And Giving

Not only is Naba Das the richest member of the Legislative Assembly, but he is also the most giving. He is well-known for the charitable work he has done and the donations he has made.

The minister gained widespread notoriety after giving a pricey gold jug to a shrine in Maharashtra. According to several reports in the media, Naba allegedly contributed 1.6 kg of silver and gold with a combined value of 1 crore rupees.

In contrast, the congressman stated in an interview with the Times of India that the total sum of his contributions to a Shani Temple in Shinganapur, located in the Ahmednagar region of Maharashtra, would be close to Rs. 10 lakhs.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that the Health Minister of Odisha will continue to impress us with his compassion in the days ahead. We hope that the politician will make a full recovery very soon.

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