Who is Michael McRae, the father of Anthony McRae? Family Of MSU Shooter

Yes, Michael McRae is the father of Anthony McRae.  The mass shooting at Michigan State University was done by Anthony McRae. He injured five people while killing three MSU undergraduate students.

Anthony had no contact with the University because he was neither a staff member nor a student there so it is still unclear about the reason for the shooting.

Anthony McRae’s father, Michael McRae, said about his son, “After his mother died, he became mean and evil.”

Michael McRae said that he was a “mommy’s boy.” After his mother, Linda McRae, died of a stroke in September 2020, the shooter became angry and negative.

Anthony McRae was born to Michael and Linda McRae on June 10, 1979, in Bear, Delaware. He was one of his parents’ three kids. The man who lives in Lansing was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. In 2003, he moved to Michigan.

Michael McRae, his 43-year-old father, also said that he was close to his mother, Linda. When the shooter’s mother died of a stroke on September 13, 2020, it was hard for him to deal with. So he slowly took a negative character.

Anthony apparently quit working at a warehouse after his mother’s unexpected death and spent the entire day playing video games in his apartment.

After Anthony’s mother passed away, his outlook on life “changed.” He loved his mom dearly. They were closely bonded and his mother was like his sister. This was the reason maybe he was called mommy’s boy.

He was grieving for his mother so he couldn’t let it go and got angrier and angrier. As time went on, he developed a cruel and evil personality and stopped caring about whatever his Father said.

It is not that McRae didn’t stop trying to help his son. Michael told Anthony he should talk to someone, get help, and go to church with him but the suspect at MSU turned down his help, telling him, “I’m fine, dad. I don’t need help.”

Michael McRae said that he didn’t know why his son chose the University as a target. He thought, that he might have been trying to get a job there.

Family of Anthony McRae:

The man accused of killing numerous people at MSU, Anthony McRae, doesn’t seem to be married. He lived with his father in Lasing, Michigan.

Nobody has discussed his wife or children, probably because he didn’t have one. So it is still a mystery if he has any.

Previous Arrest of Anthony McRae

Prior to the mass shooting on Monday night, Anthony McRae’s most significant violation occurred in June 2019. He was sitting on the back steps of a building when a Lansing Police officer discovered him smoking a cigarette.

When one of the police officers came up to him and asked if he had a gun or something like that, he stated he had. Then officers found a Ruger LCP.380 semiautomatic gun in his pants pocket, according to court documents.

At first, Anthony was accused of keeping a gun hidden which is a crime that could get you five years in prison if you are caught.

He was charged with a misdemeanor that carries a maximum two-year prison sentence for carrying a loaded gun in or close to a moving car. When Anthony McRae admitted guilt to the misdemeanor, probation was granted and the authority discharged him in May 2021.

McRae later died from a gunshot wound that he gave himself. Although a weapon was found, authorities weren’t sure if it had been used in the shooting.

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