Merrin Jacob, alias Mariyam is one of the first ISIS recruits from India, know her biography, age, family, husband

Find out more about her background, journey, and much more.

Sudipto Sen’s recently released film “The Kerala Story” has received mixed reviews, with some appreciating its portrayal of reality and others, including liberals and Islamists, expressing hatred against it on social media and in the media owing to its contentious subject matter.

Who is Merrin Jacob alias Mariyam of The Kerala Story who converted to Islam and joined ISIS, biography, age, husband, religion, photo

The movie is based on the real-life experiences of Hindu and Christian women from Kerala who fell into the syndicate of love jihad or unlawful conversions, and deceptions and ultimately joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Together with four other Indian women, Merrin Jacob, also known as Mariyam, is one of these women presently stuck in Afghanistan after accompanying her husband to join ISIS in 2016. Despite the Indian government’s unwillingness to extradite them, Merrin Jacob’s extradition is still a topic of much discussion and debate, and interest in her tale has increased since the film’s release.

Due to this, many are now trying to find out more about her and her story. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is Merrin Jacob, alias Mariyam?

Merrin Jacob, alias Mariyam, is notorious for being the first ISIS recruit from India. She has been in the news because the newly released movie, The Kerala Story, tells her story.

She is a native of Murikkavu, Ykara, Palkad, Kerala. Her mother’s name is Mini Jacob. With the name Merrin Jacob Pallath, she was born into a Christian Catholic family. However, in 2016, she married a converted Muslim named Bestin Vincent, a Yahya. After marriage, she also converted to Islam. After the conversation, she adopted a new name, Mariyam.

It all started when Merrin, then 22 years old, used to work for IBM in Bombay. She reunited with Bestin Vincent, an acquaintance from her high school days, while she was living in Bombay. Bestin Vincent changed his religion to Islam and adopted the name Yahya.

After joining ISIS, Merrin Jacob Pallath’s husband, Yahya, was killed in an attack. According to some sources, she remarried another terrorist, Abdul Rashid, who was already married to a woman named Ayesha. However, he was also killed later.

She is now the mother of two children, as per the records of 2020. However, there is no information about the current whereabouts of Merrin and her children. Currently, she might be somewhere in Afghanistan.


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