Here is a short discussion on Phillip Schofield and Matthew McGreevy’s relationship. This article is for those of you who want to know more. Follow us for all the details. Phillip Schofield, the former co-host on This Morning who was fired after admitting that he had had an affair, and then came out as gay, made headlines again recently. He had faced rumors and speculations about his relationship with Matthew McGreevey (34 years younger than him) for some time. This revelation sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry, and Schofield was fired from ITV. He also had a fallout with Holly Willoughby, his former cohost. Here is who Phillip Schofield is having an affair with.

Who is Matthew Mcgreevy?

According to rumors, Phillip Schofield was involved in an affair with Matthew McGreevey who was a former showrunner for ‘This Morning.’ He hired him when he was 18 years old. There are also rumors that Phillip Schofield has known Matthew since Matthew was 11 when Matthew was a member of a local theater group that Phillip was promoting. Please note that neither party has confirmed this information. Continue reading for more details.

Schofield reportedly confessed his affair with an younger colleague of This Morning in a weekend statement. He did not reveal the identity of the person involved. ITV executives, as well as the staff of the show, have been shocked and angry by Schofield’s dishonesty and actions throughout the ordeal. Schofield’s talent agency, YMU has dropped him and he has decided to resign from ITV. This has led to his hosting duties for the British Soap Awards being cancelled.

Schofield’s affair is having a lasting impact on his career. Rumors indicate a strained friendship between Schofield, his former cohost on This Morning and Holly Willoughby. According to reports, their friendship has deteriorated since the affair was revealed and subsequent events. Schofield’s use of super injunctions against UK media and the hiring of crisis management teams and social media monitoring also indicate the severity of the situation. He confirmed that the matter is now over.

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