On the NYC tube, a man named Jordan Neely was brutally detained and killed by Daniel Penny, an age 24 year old marine

A 30-year-old man named Neely was seen getting pushed down by an unnamed blonde tube rider in a now-viral video from Manhattan. To the surprise of many, the 30-year-old was left comatose and later pronounced dead.

Who is marine Daniel Penny who allegedly killed Jordan Neely in NYC subway: Bio, age, photo, Twitter

Journalist Talia Jane tweeted that, “Daniel Penny, 24, a Queens resident from West Islip, NY, choked Jordan Neely, 30, on a northbound F train on Monday afternoon.”

One Twitter account claimed that some of his former classmates “recognized him” from the photos and videos of Neely being choked to death and provided “a yearbook photo from a decade ago” as proof he is Penny who went to high school in West Islip, New York.

New York Newsday lists “Dan Penny” as a high school lacrosse player for West Islip High School in 2015.

One Twitter account tweeted screenshots from the True People Search website that listed “Daniel James Penny” as a 24-year-old from West Babylon, New York, which is also on Long Island about four miles from West Islip and also included a screenshot from what appears to be a now-deleted LinkedIn page for Daniel Penny, identified as an “Infantry Squad Leader at United States Marine Corps” in the “Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area” of North Carolina.

Jordan allegedly went on a violent rant on the northbound F train on May 1, 2023. Passengers and witnesses claim that the offender was also intimidating and harassing other travellers. Despite this, there was no indication that the person intended to hurt other passengers in any way.

The incident apparently got out of hand in the video, prompting the aforementioned blonde passenger to intervene and hold Jordan in a rear ned chokehold similar to that in the UFC. After lowering Jordan to the ground, the blonde man received help from two other people who attempted to grasp Jordan’s hands in order to keep him from escaping. According to independent journalist Juan Vazquez, Neely was held for almost 15 minutes in the same chokehold.

Eventually, the train came to a stop at Broadway-Lafayette, where emergency personnel descended immediately. Neely had fallen completely unconscious by this point and was later declared dead when she arrived at the hospital. In addition, the medical examiner has now disclosed that Neely’s death was caused by the chokehold.

What happened to Jordan Neely’s murderer?

Naturally, the events that took place in the NYC subway stunned internet users all around the world. Since then, there have also been a lot of protests in the subways. The absence of social help for the mentally ill and the homeless generally outrage people. The semi-sanctioned vigilante response’ of the blonde passenger has also infuriated many people.

The individual was apparently a 24-year-old Marine veteran who had just finished serving when he was last seen. The blonde passenger was detained by police after the incident on the tube and then released without being charged. This has sparked outrage, with many asking why the person has not been detained or accused of murder.

Similar to how Neely purportedly had 40 prior offences and was an addict, this claim has also been made frequently. Despite this, many have asserted that it does not, in any event, justify his murder. Jordan was shouting aggressively, usually about hunger and thirst, according to the witnesses. He then removed his jacket and slammed it on the ground, drawing a response from the Marine.

Prior to this, Jordan Neely gained notoriety as a well-known Michael Jackson impersonator and as a busker on the tube. He also had a long history of mental illness and had been residing on the streets for some time. What are your opinions on the situation, given that some people are justifying Marine’s actions and others are criticising them?



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