Want to know about Loes Luca’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the Dutch actress who keeps making headlines for her projects. But that’s not our today’s concern. People are lately showing their curiosity concerning what’s going on in Loes Luca’s love life. Is she taken? Being in her 60s, Loes seems to be married but keeps it low-key. But who is he? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Loes Luca’s prominence in the industry. 

Loes Luca has been doing wonders since 1980. When it comes to her acting, the notable credits go to Seth & Fiona, De Jurk, Ik wist het, Knor, Minoes, Robots, De Noorderlingen, Spetters, and Abel. Which one is your favorite? Hailing from Rotterdam, Loes is now 69 years old, born in 1953. 

Loes Luca isn’t just an actress but also has great musical skills. Back in 2006, she released a CD, which goes by the name “Wenend in het portal.” It means “Crying on the porch.” Not forget to mention, Loes has also done a few theatrical acts.

Coming back to Loes Luca’s personal life, the Dutch actress has always preferred keeping it a secret. That has possibly made her fans speculate more about what’s going on. Well, she tied the knot in the 1980s, but that ended as her then-husband cheated on her. That’s okay! Not all relationships last forever. Later, Loes found another love and stayed together until he died in 2008. Not everyone knows him. Who is he? If you are looking for who Loes Luca’s partner was, here is what we know.

Who Is Loes Luca's Partner
Loes Luca (Credit: YouTube)

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Meet Loes Luca’s Partner: Who Was He? 

Talking about her love interest, Loes Luca’s partner was Harald van der Lubbe. But who was he? Well, Harald van der Lubbe was the brother of Huub van der Lubbe. The latter is a member of the Dutch rock band De Dijk. However, Loes Luca’s partner had his self-made identity too. What was it? He was an incredible actor, majorly known for The Dress in 1996. 

It was on 1 August 2008, Loes Luca’s partner passed away. Several years have passed, but we still can’t believe it. Since then, the Dutch actress has not sparked any such significant dating rumors. Instead, she got involved with her acting work. Nothing much about Loes Luca’s partner, Harald van der Lubbe, is known. He preferred to keep himself away from the media’s attention. It’s also not known if Loes ever got married to him. Also, it is unsure when they were dating. However, it’s evident that Loes Luca still has a special place for him in her heart. 

Who Is Loes Luca's Partner
Loes Luca (Credit: YouTube)

On the other hand, Loes Luca made several headlines for her relationship with Maria Goos. Who is she? Well, Maria is a professional screenwriter, hailing from the Netherlands. With Loes, she shares a professional relationship, as both worked together on various projects. Talking more about Maria, she even penned down for the Esta Magazine. In other words, one must know that Loes and Maria are very good friends, and there is nothing romantic between the two. 

Best Wishes to Loes Luca for the upcoming days of her life. You may give the Spetters actress, Loes, a following on her social media account for more updates. 

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