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After Lana Faith Johnson got arrested in a theft case, she got into serious trouble & now fans want to know more about her in detail. Information like her husband, her family & her net worth. Keep reading to get these pieces of information regarding Lana.

Lana worked for Victor Consunji who’s the founder and CEO of the construction & real estate company “Victor Consunji Development Corp (VCDC)”. His wife Maggie Wilson was the one who spoke about Lana’s deceit.

Maggie Wilson is a model, entrepreneur, and former beauty queen host, and she also owns an interior design and furniture shop called Acasa Manila. Maggie is now the estranged wife of Victor Consunji.

Maggie said, “ a publicist named Lana Faith Johnson tried to dishonor her several times & she stole money from Victor.”

Lana Faith Johnson was arrested on November 11, 2022, according to the report of She was identified as the public relations director of Victor Consunji Development Corp (VCDC).

What Is The Allegation Against Lana Faith Johnson?

Maggie Wilson posted a picture of herself in a red polka dress on her Instagram account & wrote a long caption full of information about the deceit of Lana. Where she stated that she had an intuition that Lana would do something this vicious to Victor but Victor chose to believe Lana Faith over her.

The allegation against Lana Faith Johnson was that she issued a falsified receipt to a client with circumvent money worth P82,500 on hand. Victor never imagined in his wildest dreams that Lana who portrayed herself as an innocent woman could do such a thing.

But Maggie had assumed long before that Lana had Victor wrapped around in her fingers. Victor later stated the incident of Lana getting arrested was an “insane” event that led to comprehensive scrutiny of his property development company VCDC.

Victor also narrated that Lana was faking her entire persona all along and called the crime she committed a massive case of swindling, falsification of documents & stealing money.

Lana Faith Johson’s Husband & Family

Lana Faith Jhonson is from Manila Philippines. She has been working for Victor as a public relations director keeping her personal life away from the spotlight.

So there’s no information on the internet regarding Lana’s family or husband. These pieces of information are yet to be published for now.

People didn’t pay that much attention to Lana Faith Jhonson before she committed the crime. Recently after her allegations got published people started to become more curious about her.

There may not be any information about Lana on the internet but there’s plenty of juicy info about her employer Victor on the internet. The biggest recent news about Victor is that he & Maggie are amidst a controversial divorce and lawsuit.

Maggie Wilson filed for divorce on September 27, 2021. They were married for good 11 years but things between them became troubling after Victor started to disbelieve anything Maggie said to him according to Maggie’s Instagram handle.

But in July 2022 Victor made allegations against Maggie. He alleged Maggie of unfaithfulness with the Thai-British digital entrepreneur Tim Conor. Maggie has strictly denied this allegation against her & articulated that Tim is her business partner & close friend nothing else.

Lana Faith Johnson Net Worth

Besides being a public relation director Lana is also an entrepreneur and corporate employee. Lana Faith Johnson owns a marketing firm called PR Johnson and Associates.

Lana’s net worth figure is not published yet. Last February Lana was featured in an article by Tatler Philippines for her unique “evening skincare routine”. People Asia described her as one of the country’s most sought-after publicists as she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country.

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