GoFundMe tops $1m for the 6-year-old son of Kyu Cho as he has lost his entire family in the Allen Mall mass shooting, know his age and wife

As per the reports by GoFundMe, they had set up a fundraiser to help a 6-year-old boy named William. The family of four had just celebrated the boy’s 6th birthday a day prior to being killed in a mass shooting. Kyu Cho was William’s father.

Who is Kyu Cho killed by Mauricio Garcia in Allen Mall Texas shooting, bio, age, family, wife, son, obituary, photo

Who was Kyu Cho

A GoFundMe campaign collected $1.2m for a boy who is the only member of the Korean American family shot dead in a mass shooting, in Texas.

Father and mother Cindy Cho, Kyu Cho, and their 2 children William who was 6, and James was 3 had gone shopping at Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday afternoon. The gunman who was 33 years old, drove to the mall armed with AR-15 and he opened fire on innocent shoppers and also on the mall workers and security guard.

Cindy, who was 35 years old, Kyu was 37, and James were among eight victims who got killed in the massacre before the suspect was shot dead by an officer of Allen law enforcement on the crime scene. The hero officer is being applauded by people. Cindy was a dentist

Now, after the 6 years old boy’s mother, father, and younger brother all got murdered, and little William has been left alone in this world. The family recently celebrated young William’s 6th birthday 4 days back, as per the report and GoFundMe set up to help the boy.

An afternoon that should have been filled up with light, celebration, and love has left everyone shocked and unfortunately was cut short by a mass shooting massacre that left 8 victims dead.

“Cindy, Kyu, and their 3-year-old boy James are included in the innocent victims who tragically lost their lives. The family of the victims is in deep mourning. After releasing from the ICU, their 6-year-old William is a surviving member of a horrific event which took place with his innocent family.” Gofundme revealed

As of Tuesday morning, the campaign by GoFundMe gathered $1.2m.

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