Josh Allen has been in the headlines for sparking rumors of being involved with Hailee Steinfeld’s and breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Brittany Williams. Born in Firebaugh, California, on May 21, 1996, Josh Allen, originally Joshua Patrick Allen, is a star American football player. Josh plays at the quarterback position in National Football League. Josh stands tall at a height of 6ft 5 in and a weight of 273 lbs.

Allen attended Firebaugh High School, where he started to play basketball in the gymnasium of the school. Allen began his career by playing football at the university level at the University of Wyoming. Josh tried hard to gain the support and attention of the program staff but was unsuccessful. As a result, he wasn’t offered any scholarships by any major colleges.

Allen’s journey of becoming an NFL player started when he started attending Reedley College and caught the attention of a football assistant coach, who is married to a cousin of Allen. Following his career at Reedley, Allen attended Wyoming University, where he continued playing football for their college. After the drafting for NFL ended in 2017, reports were made about directors’ seeing the potential in Josh, and it was speculated he would be one of the first picks for the next year’s NFL drafts.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen and Brittany Williams [Credits: Getty Images]

Josh made an entrance in the NFL draft in 2018 and was picked by Buffalo Bills as the seventh overall. Allen has set several records, including having the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback. Allen has been dating Brittany Williams, a former cheerleader for Bulldogs and pilates instructor.

Allen has a bachelor’s degree in social science he gained after finishing his education at the University Of Wyoming. Allen has won Pro Bowl two times and the Second Team All-MWC. Overall Josh Allen’s career looks promising as he is filled with talents.

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Josh Allen’s Baby Momma

Josh Allen has sparked rumors of cheating on his girlfriend, Brittany Williams, and getting another woman pregnant. Josh and Brittany met each other during Jingle Bell Tour, but they were friends before their friendship evolved into a relationship. In 2018 Josh’s fans began speculating that he and Brittany are no longer just friends. Allen and Brittany’s relationship hit a few bumps on the way when rumors about Allen cheating on Brittany started spreading.

The Buffalo Bills player got speculated to have cheated on Brittany Williams with a woman who works as a bartender. It was also speculated that Josh had gotten the said bartender pregnant. The name of the said bartender hasn’t been revealed, but everything turns out to be a rumor as both Josh And Brittany have’ opened up about these rumors. It got reported these rumors began after Brittany went through Allen’s phone and saw a message from the bartender with a sonogram at a Halloween party.

The rumors started again about Brittany and Allen’s break-up after the former secretly unfollowed Allen. It was also said that Brittany confronted her beau Allen about the ongoing cheating scandal. The news about Allen becoming a dad and cheating on Brittany was first presented by an online gossip site DeuxMoi, which often gives false news, regarding celebrity relationships.

Thirty minutes after the news about Josh and Brittany separating and Josh impregnating a bartender went viral, Brittany posted an Instagram story with her beau Allen. The couple hasn’t given up on each other just yet, and they are still together. Another thing that fueled the rumors was Brittany deleting the Instagram posts featuring Allen. Josh and Brittany haven’t said anything regarding the rumors about the NFL star cheating on his love Brittany, and unless either of them comes forward to talk about the same, everything will just remain mere speculations.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen Star NFL Player [Credits: Getty Images]

Fans of Allen and Brittany began questioning whether the couple were still together. Fans also began questioning the couple, whether Allen got another woman pregnant or not. Rumors began spreading about Allen being together with the bartender he got pregnant. If we go by the facts, then Allen doesn’t have any kids as of 2023 and is still together with Brittany Williams.

Allen didn’t cheat on Brittany, and the rumors can only be confirmed if one of them opens up on the scandal. Till either Allen or Brittany confirms the speculations, they will be mere rumors spread by media houses to gain TRPs and publicity.

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