Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old homeless man who was murdered brutally, know his age and parents

Find out more about his death and background.

Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old homeless man, passed away on Monday following a sad event on a New York City subway train.

Neely appeared to be having a mental health crisis, which led one of the passengers to tackle him to the ground with the help of two other passengers and hold him in a chokehold until he lost consciousness.

Who is Jordan Neely killed after being placed in chokehold in NYC subway: Bio, age, family, parents

Who is Jordan Neely Michael Jackson impersonator killed after being placed in chokehold in NYC subway: Bio, age, family, parents

A witness captured the event on their phone, and the video spurred discussion among the citizens of the USA over the passenger’s conduct and whether or not Neely presented a threat to the safety of other passengers.

Journalist and eyewitness Juan Alberto Vazquez described what he observed occur on the southbound F train at the Second Avenue stop. According to Vazquez, Neely started to hurl an angry tirade in which he said that he was starving and thirsty and that he didn’t care if he was arrested. He threw his black jacket onto the ground before the stranger, reportedly a 24-year-old Marine veteran, intervened and tackled him.

Jordan Neely’s untimely death has caused a massive uproar among the citizens, with many calling for justice for Neely. Many people are also trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who was Jordan Neely?

Jordan Neely was an African-American man who was brutally murdered in public recently. His death has caused massive protests in the country, with people demanding justice for him.

He is a native of New York and of African American descent. After being raised in Bayonne, New Jersey, he became homeless. His father’s name is Andre Zachery, who claimed that he hadn’t seen his son in the last 4 years. On the other hand, his mother’s name is Christine Neely, who was murdered previously by her boyfriend.

According to his aunt, Carolyn Neely, Jordan Neely was suffering from depression, schizophrenia, and PTSD because of his mother’s tragic death.

He had been arrested 42 times before; most were for minor offenses, but four were for suspected assaults. He was just 30 years old when he died.

His career

Jordan Neely became well-known as a skilled Michael Jackson mimic as he grew older, performing in Times Square and on the subway. His abilities can be seen in a number of videos that were extensively circulated on social media following Jackson’s passing.


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