Eight people were killed at the Dallas-area shopping center including a three-year-old named James Cho, know about his age and parents

US federal officials are looking into the Texas gunman’s suspected interest in the white supremacist ideology. The people who have been killed by the mass shooter at a shopping center near Dallas over the weekend included 2 junior school-age sisters, a duo with their 3-year-old son James Cho, a young engineer, and also the security guard of the mall.

Who is James Cho Allen Mall Texas shooting victim killed by Mauricio Garcia, bio, age, family, parents, brother, obituary

Who was James Cho

3-year-old James Cho was at the mall with his father Kyu, his brother William, and his mother Cindy Cho who was a dentist. James, his father, and his mother lost their lives and William survived the shooting incident. William was immediately ten to the hospital after the attack.

The Cho family – parents Cindy, Kyu, and their two young sons, William and James – were at the mall to return clothes William received for his 6th birthday four days prior when they were murdered.

“An afternoon that should have been filled with light, love and celebration unfortunately was cut short by another mass shooting massacre that left eight victims dead,” a GoFundMe description for the family reads. “Cindy, Kyu and 3-year-old James were among those victims that tragically lost their lives and the family is in deep mourning.”

William is the only surviving member of the family of four and is recovering in the ICU.

Other young victims

The Cox Elementary School students, both Daniela and Sofia Mendoza, a grade four student and the other in grade two, were among those who were shot dead on Saturday at Allen Premium Outlets.

They both are being remembered as “the most-kindest, thoughtful students with smiles that could light any class room,” Principal Krista Wilson said in a letter to their parents.

Texas mass shooting suspect is identified as Mauricio Garcia, who has been kicked out of the US Army. The gunman also had his own page on a Russian social media site which expressed neo-Nazi and misogynistic views, as reported by the US media.

Garcia was shot dead by a police officer, he is suspected of murdering 8 people with a semi-automatic rifle, of which 2 were Korean-Americans and their 3-year-old kid James.

Suspect Mauricio Garcia

Mauricio Garcia stepped into the regular Army in June of 2008. He got terminated three months later, without even finishing his initial entry training.

“Gracia was not awarded with any kind of the military occupational specialty and had no deployments or the awards,” a US Army spokeswoman said

The US media and independent Bellingcat research sites have reported that the suspect had an active running page on a Russian social media site that has expressed neo-Nazi and misogynistic views, and also disclosed Garcia’s issues related to his mental health.

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