Has Chris Tyson found a new love interest since divorcing his wife Katie, have a look who is his boyfriend 

It seems like someone has found new love.

Chris was observed having fun with F1NN5TER, another YouTuber, while in Tokyo, Japan.

Who is F1NN5TER alleged new boyfriend of Chris Tyson: Bio, age, real name, gender, Twitch

Jude, better known by the handle F1NN5TER, is a prominent content creator who is also well-known for using Twitch (and even for getting banned from it).

There are stories going around that Chris and Jude are becoming more than just colleagues; they are finding love.

Rumour has it that Mr. Beast invited Jude to travel to Tokyo to join the cast and crew while they shot a video. It was a great chance for Chris and Jude to develop their bond.

Chris uploaded multiple photos of himself and Katie with F1NN5TER after admitting in a social media update in March that they had been separated for over a year.

For a very long time, rumours of Chris’ divorce circulated among fans.

They saw Katie had ceased posting Chris’s pictures and had begun to share just pictures of their son Tucker.

On the other side, following his HRT disclosure, fans were almost confident that a separation had ten place.

Will it be true, as claimed, that he dates F1NN5TER? Only time will tell.

Where is the rumoured boyfriend of Chris Tyson, F1NN5TER, from?

F1NN5TER, popularly known as just Finn, was born on April 21st, 2000. He joined YouTube on June 1st, 2015. He began by uploading videos of himself playing the video game Minecraft.

As per reports, Finn is from Birmingham, England.

Finn has a reputation for pulling internet pranks on people and for being a “e-girl.” He uses a variety of social networking sites frequently.

Twitter, OnlyFans, Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, and Discord are a few of these websites. His e-girl persona is Rose, and a major portion of his fan following comes from his e-girl stuff.

Is F1NN5TER trans?

We are unable to me any assumptions about Finn unless he explicitly states so.

Because Finn has never come out as transgender or even mentioned his s*xual orientation, we must assume that he is a heteros*xual male.

But despite this, it’s still possible that he isn’t dating Chris Tyson. Rumour has it that Finn is still determining what he likes and dislikes.

It’s also possible that Finn has been silent because he has already discovered his calling. We’ll have to wait till Finn mes his own clarifications. Anything else is merely fan theory.

The reason behind F1NN5TER’s Twitch ban:

One very contentious incident was the banning of F1NN5TER from Twitch. As was already noted, Finn has an e-girl character.

In his streams and vides, he frequently appears as a woman. At one point, he acted in a way during a Twitch stream that caused Twitch to ban him.

The suspension of Finn from Twitch began on February 7, 2023. The tweet was published under the @StreamerBans Twitter handle.

That same day, Finn tweeted the article along with a photo of himself in a pitch-black room with the caption, “guess I’ll just hang out in purgatory.”

Unable to access this thread, Finn made an informed guess as to why. The information was nevertheless made public on February 8, 2023.

He clarified the circumstance in a reply, stating

While fixing my bra, this was seen as ‘prolonged touching of female presenting br*asts’.

He further said:

There’s 2 rulesets and Twitch don’t warn if they see you as female presenting. As a man, touching your chest can now be bannable depending on how feminine Twitch sees you :).”

Finn’s account has since been unbanned. But because Finn was just a man dressed as a woman, there was a lot of controversy.



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