Elio Cumana-Rivas was among 8 people who got killed at a Texas mall, know his age and obituary

The gunman behind the mass shooting carried out the second-deadliest US mass shooting of the year and the suspect has been terminated from Army due to health issues and may have been driven by right-wing extremism, as per CNN.

Who is Elio Cumana-Rivas killed by Mauricio Garcia in Allen Mall Texas shooting, bio, age, obituary, photo

Who was Elio Cumana-Rivas?

Victim Elio Cumana-Rivas was 32 years old and hailed from Dallas. A total of 8 people including 2 elementary school students are killed after Saturday’s deadly attack which took place in the Allen Premium Outlets, which is a bustling mall situated in the affluent Dallas suburb of Allen.

Authorities say that the suspect is, Mauricio Garcia and he used an AR-15-style weapon to carry out the massacre before the gunman was shot down by a police official. The gunman’s rifle and other guns have been purchased legally; as per a statement released by law enforcement on Monday.

Most weapons were purchased from a private seller, which means the suspect didn’t go through a federal background check.

A US Army defines official said to CNN, ‘The suspect separated from the US Army about 15 years ago due to his mental health conditions.’

While not any motive has been found, the gunman was wearing an insignia that the Allen department believes that he may be associated with extremist groups, which is a senior law enforcement source.

The insignia appears in the photo, which is on an account of a Russian social media website that belongs to the suspect.

The user has uploaded writings approving of Nazi ideology, also have shared pictures of his firearms, and uploaded pictures of the mall weeks prior shooting took place.

In a few of the posts, the user identifies as an incel and in the others, expresses anger toward women.

The account is having a screenshot from Google Maps which was posted a week prior to the shooting showing what times of day the outlet mall was busiest.

As per the first law enforcement report, investigators didn’t feel that they have a full photograph of the suspect’s past and they still continue to dig into his background.

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