Who is Charlie Del Rosario's Spouse, Lualhati Bautista Brief Into Their Family, And Net Worth

Lualhati Bautista is married to a man named Charlie Del Rosario. The Filipino author and her spouse spent a good number of years in wedded bliss. They also took great pride in becoming the parent of a few kids.

On February 12, 2023, the well-known author Lualhati Bautista passed dead.

Bautista was an acclaimed author both of short stories and novels. The Filipino writer was not only an author but also a sociopolitical critic and liberal activist in addition to being an author.

The late author’s works, such as Dekada ’70, ‘GAP, and Bata, Bata, Pa’no Ka Ginawa? are some of his most well-known and widely read writings.

Since the unexpected passing of the author, who was 77 years old, there has been a great deal of interest expressed in the author’s family and personal life. In today’s piece, let’s take some time to learn more about Lualhati Bautista’s husband, children, and other family members.

Who Is Lualhati Bautista’s Husband, Charlie Del Rosario? / Quién es el marido de Lualhati Bau Meet Her Kids

Charlie Del Rosario was Lualhati Bautista’s spouse, and the couple had a marriage. The married couple raised a thriving family for several decades, during which time they had a few children together.

It has yet to be known whether or not the author of Dekada ’70’s spouse is still alive. Let us express our wish that he’s doing well and maintaining his health.

There is a lack of information regarding the author’s married life, which is unfortunate. Because of this, it is unknown how she first met her spouse or when the couple first went down the aisle together.

Yet, concluding that the married couple was together for many years because they spent their lives together is acceptable.

During an interview in June 2018 with Philippines Graphic, the well-known author, it was revealed that her spouse, Charlie Del Rosario, had a career as an activist in the past.

It was her spouse who was the primary influence in the development of her politics. Similarly, her viewpoint was shaped by her companion Bodjie Jimenez, who’d been later murdered.

With a message on Facebook that they made early on Sunday morning, Bautista’s first relatives, Sonny Ross Samonte and Maria Rosario verified the tragic news that she had passed away.

The particular cause of her passing is not currently known to the public.

Family and background information on Lualhati Bautista

Lualhati Bautista is a native of Tondo, Manila, Philippines. She is the daughter of Lualhati Torres Bautista. On December 2, 1945, she was welcomed into the world by her mom and dad, Esteban Bautista and Gloria Torres.

Regarding her academic background, the author of “GAP” attended Emilio Jacinto Elementary School and received her diploma in 1958.

After that, she attended Torres High School, graduating with her high school diploma in 1962.

In addition, Bautista completed his education just at the Lyceum of the Philippines with a concentration in journalism. Yet, she left the program to pursue her ambition to become a writer without distraction.

She began her professional life by publishing a short story titled “Katugon ng Damdamin.” Her piece was picked up by the magazine Liwayway for publication.

Lualhati Bautista Wealth In Addition To Profession

During her distinguished and lengthy career, the Filipino novelist is known for penning several well-known books. According to PayScale, the yearly pay for a writer in the Philippines is 229,862, roughly equivalent to $4.2 thousand.

Nonetheless, considering her standing in the profession, the late author must have had earnings that were above average.

Being able to transcend time and remain relevant in a culture that is always looking to the next big thing is essential for writers. It is a great privilege showered upon the author when their works are read by people living beyond time’s boundaries.

The writer Lualhati Bautista demonstrated that she is worthy of receiving such acknowledgment. It would be an injustice to call her only a storyteller and an injustice to call her merely an artist. She is far too talented and vision to be called an artist.

Lualhati is well-known for her simple realism, the fearless study of Philippine women’s issues, and attractive female protagonists who face challenging conditions at home and in their professional lives with incredible grit and strength.


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