Madeline Bills, an 18-year-old girl at Moore High School, may have been killed and abused with her ex-boyfriend Chace Cook now arrested

Police in Moore, Oklahoma, are looking into this.

Who is Chace Cook ex-boyfriend of Madeline Bills Moore High School Oklahoma student murdered

Bills was found dead in her home on April 22, and her ex-boyfriend, Chace Cook, has now been arrested and charged with first-degree r*pe in connection with the case.

Police investigate possible murder and s*xual assault of Madeline Bills found dead in home

Madeline Bills were found in her room, which was in a pool house on the land of her family. Police say that she told them she was afraid of Cook and that she had thought about moving back into the main house because of him. But there was nothing that told cops they should be on the lookout for him.

Police said that Cook’s cell phone, car, clothes, and DNA samples were all ten as evidence. The statement says that Cook’s phone had multiple videos of him with Madeline Bills on the night of her suspicious death, including one where he filmed himself assaulting Bills while she was unconscious.

Ex boyfriend charged with r*pe in connection to Madeline Bills’ death

Lt. Wes Yost of the Moore Police Department said in a statement, “In these times, it’s always sad when you have a crime like this one that has occurred, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Madeline Bills’ family and her friends, and we want to me sure we’re doing everything we can to find justice for Madeline.”

Cook was caught at a Navy basic training camp in Chicago, and police say he will be sent back to Oklahoma in the next few days. Cook has been charged with first-degree r*pe, but cops say there could be more charges depending on what the medical examiner says.

Community mourns loss of Madeline Bills, Offers support to students and staff

Moore High School said in a statement that they were trying to help their students and staff through this hard time and that they were sorry for the Madeline Bills family’s loss. “Our school community is deeply saddened by the loss of Bills.

“Madeline Bills was a talented and bright student who will be missed by all who knew her,” the statement read. The investigation in the Madeline Bills case is still going on, and if you know anything about the case, you should call the Moore Police Department.


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