Who is Amanda Miller, the Wife of Douglas Hodge?

Amanda Miller is the wife of Douglas Hodge, who is still living together as a couple.

Fans of celebrities in a variety of industries, including the film business, sports, modeling, etc., are countless. Fans of Douglas Hodge are also looking for his wife right now, which is listed here. If his followers wanted to learn more about his relationship status, then this article would be beneficial for all the fans.

Apart from his fans, many people may not know who Douglas Hodge is.

Well, Douglas Hodge, who is currently 62 years old, was born on February 25, 1960. According to the sources, he is a British citizen who works as a stage actor. Douglas Hodge has amassed a huge following as a result of his rising fame.

His famous Hollywood productions include Robin Hood, Catastrophe, Joker, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, and many more. He has made a name for himself as one of the most prosperous people in his field. For his accomplishments during his career, Douglas Hodge is highly known.

Are Douglas Hodge and his wife, Amanda Miller still together?

The Tony and Olivier Award-winning actor divorced his longtime partner Tessa Peake-Jones and then wed Amanda Miller. The married couple is still together. In this post, let’s take a quick look at the actor’s romantic history.

Douglas Hodge initially met his wife in a theater. A while after the actor’s split from his previous girlfriend in the middle of the 2010s, they renewed their wedding vows.

Hodge said that his wife built the face he used to portray Cyrano de Bergerac on Broadway in an interview with The Guardian published in January 2019. During practice, the prop kept coming off, so Amanda had the wonderful idea to make a new face out of foam.

It is believed that the couple met while both were engaged in theaters. Unfortunately, the couple likes to live their life out of the spotlight of the media. Many people, therefore, question whether they are still a couple.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Douglas Hodge and his wife will feel comfortable enough to talk about their relationship as a married couple, as the couple has been married for more than a decade.

For nearly three decades, Douglas Hodge was in a relationship with Tessa Peake-Jones.

The relationship status of our favorite celebrities is something that we today are highly interested in knowing.

His relationship with Tessa Peake-Jones, his co-star in Only Fools and Horses, lasted for 27 years.

The Sun claimed a 29-year relationship between Douglas and Tessa, beginning in 1984 and ending in 2013.

They have a daughter, Mollie Rose, who is 32, and a son, Charlie, who is 23. Reportedly, the couple had a mutually agreeable split in February 2013 and his ex-lovers shared custody of their two children.

The kids of Douglas Hodge and Tessa-Peake Jones are private people who prefer to stay out of the limelight. Therefore, information about them is limited.

However, after their breakup, the Actor married Amanda, but Tessa doesn’t seem to have moved on.

The Family and Childhood of Douglas Hodge

When Hodge was a little child, his family moved to Wigmore in Gillingham, Kent. He attended Fairview Primary School and Rainham’s Howard School.

He received admission at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London but left after learning he didn’t like the course material.

Hodge dropped out of RADA before finishing his education, but this did not weaken his ambition to work as an actor. The English star is now a successful individual with immense fame and wealth.

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