Who Did Carl Lentz Cheat With? Filmmaker Stacey Lee’s newest documentary, The Secrets of Hillsong, has been creating a buzz around as it revolves around the rise and fall of the infamous priest, Carl Lentz. As the filmmaker explained that Carl Lentz was incredibly charismatic and an insanely good speaker who was able to break down the Bible in relevance.

Lee further added how Carl was not afraid to be vulnerable and managed to give so much of himself that he kind of became his celebrity. Carl Lentz revealed in an exclusive interview that he was sexually abused by a family friend who further discouraged him from disclosing it, and that is how Carl developed a pattern of secrecy that went on to shape his views of relationships and s*x. 

However, the once-popular priest was fired from the church, which was followed by a messy aftermath. The downfall of Carl Lentz happened due to a controversial scandal. This scandal was followed by an even messier aftermath that included severe allegations of child abuse, racial discrimination, and sexual assault. What was the controversial scandal all about? Let us find out who Did Carl Lentz Cheat with. 

Who Did Carl Lentz Cheat With?

It seems like Carl Lentz has cheated on his wife, which he confirmed, and a woman named Ranin Karim came forward and revealed that she was the one Carl was having an affair with. As these rumors started doing the rounds, Carl Lentz was soon fired from the Hillsong Church in 2020 as the church’s founder Brian Houston stated moral failures as the reason for Carl Lentz being fired.

Who Did Carl Lentz Cheat With
Who Did Carl Lentz Cheat With? (Credits: Variety)

Carl Lentz went on to confess on a Zoom call with the church while revealing that he had an affair with Leona Kimes, who reportedly is a former pastor of Hillsong Boston and was also the nanny to Lentz’s three children. Ranin Karim further revealed that she met Lentz at a Brooklyn park back in May 2020. As she further alleged in a documentary, their affair is the most toxic thing she has ever had to deal with.

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Who Is Ranin Karim?

Ranin Karim made huge headlines after being the woman with whom Carl Lentz allegedly had an affair. She soon starred on MTV‘s Ex on the Beach while making shocking revelations about her alleged affair with Lentz. While introducing herself, Ranin admitted that she doesn’t like to be referred to as a mistress as she feels like she is more like a mystery woman herself.

Ranin went on to say that she has been in toxic relationships as a lot of men sold her a dream, and she called herself broke while stating that she doesn’t need to buy any more dreams. Things took a problematic turn when fellow contestant David Barta asked Karim about her previous relationships, and Ranin revealed that she had a relationship with pastor Carl Lentz and the affair lasted for five months.

Carl Lentz Opens Up About His Alleged Affair!

Carl Lentz later addresses his cheating scandal while stating that the failure is on him and him alone while taking full responsibility for his actions. He issued a lengthy post stating that he has been embarking on a journey of rebuilding trust with his wife and children and is looking forward to healing his own life and seeking out the help that he needs.

Who Did Carl Lentz Cheat With
Carl Lentz (Credits: People)

Carl Lentz’s wife, Laura Lentz, broke her silence over the matter while explaining that she had to take a break from social media over the past few months as it was not good for her soul. Laura further added that she had to block and delete several users and comments from her posts due to the kind of comments she was receiving. Carl met his wife, who is also a fellow pastor, at Hillsong’s training college in Sydney.


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