Tan France’s real name is Tanveer Wasim Safdar who is from a Muslim family. Tan France is well-known in the media and is a fashion expert and designer. As the fashion expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, the British-American designer became famous.

He is additionally famous for co-hosting Next in Fashion and hosting the online show Dressing Amusing. He also wrote a book called “Naturally Brown,” which came out in June 2019.

The 39-year-old design expert is well-known, so a lot of people are interested in him. So, we wrote down all that we know about Tan France’s parents, religion, country, and personal life.

Find out about the famous fashion designer Tan France’s parents and other family members. Though his parents are from Pakistan, they now live and work in England.

Tan France’s Parents, Religion, And Real Name

Tanveer Wasim Safdar is his real name. He was born to English parents in South Yorkshire. Tan’s parents both come from Pakistan. Tan’s family, which is part of the Safdar family, is Muslim.

When Tan France’s parents were kids, they moved to England. The designer was brought up with two older brothers and a younger sister in Doncaster.

Tan’s uncle, who was related to him through his father, was a neighbor of the Safdar family.

At different times, his parents ran a taxi service, a post office, and a supermarket. His grandfather owned a denim factory in Bury.

He went to the masjid every day and didn’t hang out with people from outside his community. France spent all of his free time in his room, playing with Barbie dolls and listening to I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minogue.

Tan said that he was exposed to racism when he was young and chose to deal with it in a polite way. In an interview with The Guardian, the fashion designer said, he thought if he reacted angrily or said something, nothing would change.

Tan France’s Partner And Kids

The TV personality lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his partner/husband, Rob France. Since 2007, they have been married though they were married before.

They got married in London first. After their marriage was made official, they got married again in New York City.

Tan France’s husband is a nurse for children and an artist. They both had Ismail France through a surrogate mother. The boy was born early, seven weeks before his due date, on July 10, 2021. Ismail had to stay in the NICU for three weeks.

Tan France’s relationship with his family changed because of Queer Eye

Tan France was brought up in a conservative Muslim family where being gay was seen as a bad thing. The British-American designer is one of the first openly gay South Asian men and one of the first openly gay Muslim men in the western showbiz industry.

In a talk show with Van Ness, the famous fashion designer said that his parents and siblings didn’t want to watch Queer Eye at first. But when they watched it, it was better than they thought. Tan’s family later said they were proud of him for the way he is.

France said that his family was afraid that he would change or be a different person in his private life. But when the Safdar family found out that Tan was the same person they had known their whole lives, they changed their minds.

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