Richard Okorogheye Parents Details His Mother Evidence Joel and Father Newton Okorogheye

Evidence Joel and Newton Okorogheye are the proud parents of Richard Okorogheye.

The young boy made excited and got attention on social media when he went missing from his home on 22 March 2022 in west London. Therefore his dead body was found in a local pool. The legal authority did not find the actual reason yet as the Police investigated, including with his postmortem report but officially, no explanation has come.

Richard Okorogheye was a brilliant computer science student in the Cyber Security program at Oxford Brookes University. The dead body of Richard was found in an Epping Forest water-based area on April 5, which was very unfortunate. His parents were shattered and devastated after hearing this. Joel, his mother, reported that the Police department neglected her son’s missing case as they didn’t take the issue seriously.

After that, his family members and well-wishers became curious and created an internet storm as there were many questions surrounding the 19 years young. Today we tried to unlock all the details of this boy’s sickle cell disease, family, and more.

About Richard Okorogheye Parents Evidence Joel & Newton Okorogheye Explored

Richard was the only child of this misfortune couple like Evidence Joel and Newton Okorogheye. The late boy Richard Okorogheye had no siblings and was worthless to his parents. The parents, friends, and all the well-wishers were becoming trauma and going through a difficult time due to his sudden demise.

His parents: the young mother, Evidence Joel, stated a statement and an emotional message like her proud son’s sudden demise left a void that could never be filled. When the Okorogheye family heard the news of their son’s passing away, they all became shocked and shattered.

Richard Okorogheye’s mother claimed that the police authorities in Richard’s missing case the police authority did not take it decisively to find her son. They even showed negligence, as the whole family was black.

Richard Okorogheye Disease, Missing Details, And Cause of Death You Need To Know

Richard Okorogheye was a school-going boy who suddenly disappeared on March 22, 2021. After his disappearance, the whole family sparked a massive search with their vigilant eyes. In addition, the Police and volunteers also gave their best effort to locate him that time; we collected it from different trusted sources.

Sadly sharing with you it, on 5 April 2021, the boy was seen 20 miles apart from his home in a pond situated in Epping Forest, Essex, UK. Police did not find the exact reason for Richar’s death as there was no sign in his body regarding physical trauma or any kind of assault. According to the post-mortem report, the police authority concluded that his death’s cause is unexplained and unconfirmed.

The 19-year-old Richard Okorogheye has been suffering from sickle cell disease. Let me introduce this dangerous disease to you. Sickle cell disease is a life-threatening curse where a genetic disorder occurs, which finally alters the body shape and functions of red blood cells in the patient’s body. As it directly affects the hemoglobin, the actual transmission of oxygen becomes hampered. After that, flexible red blood cells become stout and rigid, and sickle-shaped, which can lead to various life-threatening complications.

RIchars left his home on 22 March 2021, even though he did not take his cell phone, medicine, and more essential things which could have put him in danger.

Richard Okorogheye Mom Evidence Joel Tribute to Her Son

Recently in Good Morning Britain, Evidence Joel, the loving mother of Richard Okorogheye, stated her sad feelings before the host of the media, Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, about the pain of losing her only son. There she created an emotional scenario by remembering her baby boy and made a heartbreaking tribute to her child.

Even Joel spoke to the hosts about the insincerity behavior of the police staff, like the responsible police authority did not responsible enough regarding her son’s disappearance case. Richard Okorogheye’s health was not well as he had sickle cell anemia disease, so the blood composition was also not well. So, he had gone through a vulnerable situation, though the Police authority did not take his disappearance seriously.

Subsequently, Richard’s mother, Joel, talked on GBM by raising her voice regarding concerns about public safety. She also wants no one will get into the abusive situation she faced. She added that the reasons behind the negligence are racism, though their black skin color and their accent which they hold. If it comes true that a family did not get justice due to their black skin, it will be miserable.

Richard has a lovely and strong bond with his mother; while she was speaking, we saw her emotional face of her. Joel admitted that she misses her son every day and said as he was the only baby boy she had.

Final Words

Richards’s parents and we all are deeply disheartened and shocked by his death. And here is all for you about this sad topic. Stay tagged with us to explore such updates.

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