Noor Alfallah is a well-known American figure who is credited with being born in California. She is well-known for being a film producer, actress, celebrity partner, media personality, and businesswoman.

Despite being only 28 years old, she frequently makes headlines due to her connections with millionaires or billionaires.

She is a California native whose romantic relationship with English singer Mick Jagger once made headlines online. The child Noor is carrying for Al Pacino will be the actor’s fourth child overall.

Noor Alfallah, who was born on December 2nd, 1993, is a woman of mixed ethnicity whose mother is from the United States and whose father is from Kuwait.

She has an amazing background in the entertainment business. Noor has a background in television and film education.

She has successfully earned her college degree despite the numerous allegations that have been spread about her on social media and the internet. She attended the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and then earned a graduate degree in film and television production from UCLA.

Falah N. Al-Falah is Noor’s father, and Alana Alafallah is her mother, who works as an entrepreneur. Along with her two sisters and one brother, she was raised by her devoted parents.

Noor is from a “family with money” background. She has, however, made a successful career for herself in the entertainment sector and has even worked as a producer for one of the 2019 short films, La Petite Mort.

Despite this, Noor served as executive producer for Brosa Nostra, one of the 2018 TV shorts. She once managed to get her name listed as an employee of Lynda Obst Productions, with credits for the creation of movies like Interstellar and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Additionally, Noor has collaborated alongside her sisters. She and her sisters are frequently seen being close. She frequently exchanged photos with her younger sister Sophia and Remi, one of her sisters.

Remi, Noor’s only sibling, works in the entertainment industry, and the two of them previously worked together on the production of Brosa Nostra.

According to Remi’s brief IMDb page, she is Lorne Michaels’ assistant on the “Saturday Night Live” program. The two sisters and Imagine Entertainment agreed to a pact for the production of a pod in September 2021, in addition to the 2018 release of the brief TV series Brosa Nostra.

Who are Noor Alfallah parents?

Her father is originally from Kuwait, but her mother is an American citizen, according to the sources. Although Noor’s parents’ identities are kept a secret, numerous sources assert that Alfallah’s mother is an entrepreneur.

Beyond this, we have no extensive information about them.


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