Where To Watch Movies In Spanish? (10 Websites You Need To Know)

Finding Spanish movies online if you don’t speak Spanish can be hard. It’s absolutely boring when you can’t watch Spanish movies on YouTube.

Where to watch movies in Spanish? Some websites do enable a subscription and a monthly fee in order to use them. But there are still more sites where you can find real treasures without having to sign up or pay.

This content provides a list of the top 10 Spanish movie websites, both paid and free. Are you ready to learn about the best sites to stream the best movies and TV shows? Let’s start!

1. All Movie

This website has a good collection of Spanish movies that people can watch.

All Movie is one of the top Spanish movie websites. This website looks more like a blog, which makes it less reliable. Users can find out who is in a movie and when it will come out. They can also watch trailers and clips from their favorite movies. Like other sites for movies, this one has a number of Spanish movies.


●      It’s great for a wide variety of enjoyment.

●      It provides information for both children and adults.


●      There have been issues of bugs and disturbing pop-ups.

2. SolarMovie

Most movies can be watched with subtitles turned on. SolarMovie is a website that provides free access to Spanish movies and television episodes. Unlike most other sites that offer free TV on the Internet, this one is real. To watch movies, you have to sign up, though. For example, your favorite Spanish-language program on SolarMovie may take a lot of time.


●      It is excellent for newbie users.

●      It features professional content sections.


●      There are no old movies available.

3. Hulu

Hulu is a large and powerful streaming service that has a lot of great features.

Hulu is one of the most thrilling and well-known websites in Spain for entertainment. So you can watch Spanish TV shows, cartoons, and movies online with just one click. From their collection, it’s easy to pick out your favorite Spanish movies. Also, everyone can use Hulu for free.


  • Local channels are available.
  • It is available on mobile devices and may be used to download movies on Android and iOS.


●      There are too many ads on tv.

4. Losmovies

The most interesting thing about this website is that Movie thumbnails can be played as full-length movies.

Losmovies are one of the sites you can go to watch Spanish movies. This website is easy to use and of good quality. You can search for a Spanish movie and start watching it for free in just a few minutes. You may also watch your favorite Spanish television programs without logging in. There is also a section about what’s popular, daily news, and short overviews of movies. It enables you to watch movies in many different ways.


  • It is available on common web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and others.
  • It features a very good collection of Spanish movies, making it easy to find a specific movie based on your requirements.


●      A number of movies include errors.

5. Pelis Online

Pelis Online is one of the sites for Spanish movies.

When you use this streaming service to watch Spanish movies online, you can watch movies without having to watch ads.

With this app, users can search for Spanish-language movies by country and theme and watch them for free online. But the search box makes it easy to find the Movie you want quickly. The UI is available to respond, which makes it easy to move around.


●      Subtitled videos are automatically included.

●      It enables you to share a movie through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms.


●      Log in to the stream is necessary.

6. Tubi

Tubi is a well-known site for streaming Spanish movies, and it has over 1,000 free movies and TV shows.

It allows you to stream any Spanish movie or TV show for free.

The design of the website is also unique, so you won’t have any trouble finding the Spanish Movie you want to watch. The best way to watch and download your favorite Movie for free is with this software.


  • It is accessible for the most recent Spanish movies.
  • There are no advertisements.


●      You have to sign up before you’re able to watch movies.

7. RepelisHD

RepelisHD is another well-known site that allows you to watch Spanish movies and TV shows online for free.

There are Spanish movies with English subtitles that you can watch online for free.

The header of the website has a very well-tracking structure that makes it easy to look around. You can watch international movies with English subtitles as well as Latin and Spanish dubs.


●      It provides several well-known content categories.

●      There are no advertisements.


●      Some movies aren’t running.

8. Movidy

Movidy is one of the best sites to watch high-quality movies for free.

It provides professional qualities such as a dark user interface and consistent updates and does not need users to log in. One of the main things that set this online streaming service apart from others is that it has movies that have just come out. This website has a lot of great movies with Spanish subtitles. Suppose some movies don’t have Spanish subs. You also have the option of uploading the subtitle file from your own computer or manually typing it in.


●      There’s no need to sign up.

●      There are a lot of movies to choose from.


●      When you stream on this website, you may be taken to a different page.

9. Netflix

Netflix may seem like the obvious choice, but this is just because it is one of the most popular streaming services worldwide. To start with, there is no advertising. Prices vary by country, but a monthly subscription with a one-month free trial starts at $8.99 in the United States and €7.99 in Spain.

Netflix offers hundreds of TV shows, documentaries, and animated movies in addition to a significant selection of Spanish-language movies, and new titles are constantly being added. Most of them also feature sound captions, and the vast majority of them support subtitles.


●      Over 190 countries can access Netflix.

●      There is no advertising on Netflix.


●      Sometimes, trying to view a video on Netflix results in a proxy error.

10. Pantaya

Pantaya is a cheaper service, but since it is sponsored by Lionsgate, it can provide a good mix of well-known movies and original content. There is also a wide range of programs available, including television shows, educational shows, and movies. This service costs $5.99 USD each month, but it provides a seven-day free trial, so you may try it out before committing.

Many of Pattaya’s older videos contain subtitles, although the bulk of the site’s newer content includes. Furthermore, registration necessitates the use of a payment method linked to a US address.


●      Most movies and television series may be downloaded for offline watching.

●      Screen mirroring works well.


●      Error with signing up

Final View:

Where to watch movies in Spanish? It seems to be a very common question, especially in Spanish.

There is no other way to watch Spanish movies online than through free and paid services.

When people look at all the dense and confusing information on the Internet, they may feel lost and unsure of where to start. We’ve already made a list of the ten best sites where you can watch free and paid Spanish movies online.

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