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Jeremy Mansfield was a South African radio & television personality & a voice-over artist. He died on October 31, 2022, due to liver cancer. His family was shocked because of his sudden demise. One of his family members, his new wife Jacqui Mansfield lives with her child in her hometown. Jeremy & Jacqui Mansfield tied the knot in 2003 & it was the second marriage of Jeremy Mansfield that’s why Jacqui gets addressed by Jeremy’s new wife.

Jacqui Mansfield is Jeremy’s second wife & she was a former author & game ranger. They both had a lovely daughter together named Gabriella Mansfield. Jacqui was a renowned personality like Jeremy. She had earned an inclinable net worth before getting married to Jeremy in 2003.

Jeremy Mansfield’s Career

Jeremy finished his school life at the prestigious Kingswood College. Later he got admitted to Rhode University in South Africa where he studied the subject “Drama & Journalism” and grew a passion for a career in the media field.

He started his career working for the Durban-based radio station “Capital Radio 604” while he was still a student. In 1993 he was appointed to 702’s Saturday Afternoon magazine program as a regular presenter.

Later in 1995 Mansfield started to host the Afternoon show & began to grow his popularity worldwide. Later he hosted many shows and took a break from Radio in 2010 due to his health condition.

Later he rejoined the Radio with his breakfast show “Mansfield In The Morning” on an award-winning radio station.

The New Wife Of Jeremy Mansfield & kids. Where Are They Now?

Robert Jeremy Clayton Mansfield was born on August 15, 1963, in Grahamstown, South Africa. He was diagnosed with liver cancer & died at the age of 59. His close friend & former colleague Samantha Cowen reported his death on Monday 31st October 2022.

Jeremy first got married to Cornelia Agnes Schulz in 1988 but unfortunately, the spark between them vanished after a while and they got separated in 1997. They also had a beautiful daughter together. The reason for their separation is unknown as they never spoke up about it. Later he found his long-lost home in Jacqui & got married to her in the year 2003.

After the death of Jeremy Mansfield Jacqui started living in her hometown South Africa with her daughter Gabriella. They both were devastated due to the demise of one of their family members & were in great grief.

For now, there’s not much information about Jeremy’s daughter out in public as she handled it pretty well to keep her personal life away from the public eye. She continues to live her life steadily in private with her mother Jacqui.

Net Worth Of Jacqui Mansfield

Jacqui Mansfield was a self-established woman before getting married to Jeremy and earned a handsome amount of money as an author. She was a celebrated author.

Jacqui did not reveal her earnings amount anywhere but seeing her successful career we can assume that she earned just what she was worth.

Jacqui had a second source of earning wages. She was a Game Ranger alongside. So presumably she earned a good amount of money from both her work profiles.

The exact net worth of Jacqui is yet to be published to the world but it is estimated that she may have had a Net Worth of around $200k-$600k before the demise of Jeremy.

The net worth of Jeremy Mansfield was about $3 million according to the latest In Bollywood and after his death, the wealth was legitimately transferred to Jacqui Mansfield, his wife.

So after adding all the wealth and assets it’s evident that the net worth of Jacqui Mansfield is around $3.5 Million U.s Dollars.

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