Where Is Habib Shamel Right Now? A Man Who Is Charged For The Murder Of Geila

Habib Shamel is in custody right now for being charged with the murder of Geila on April 4.

Habib Shamel is an Afghan citizen who got a lot of attention on the internet after it was reported that he had stabbed a woman.

Shamel was charged with killing a woman in Limerick city. Therefore, he was taken to the court in Belfast where it was shown that Shamel had been in Ireland since October 2020.

Not only that, but he had also asked to be let into the country and when he was asked through a translator if Habib knew what was being said about him, he said he did.

Where Is Habib Shamel Right Now?

Habib Shamel is in jail right now and according to the accusations, he stabbed Geila Ibram. Shamel told the Belfast Magistrates Court that he understood the charge against him of killing Geila on April 4. He appeared in the court via video link from custody and spoke through a translator.

A detective testified in court that Shamel believed he could connect him to the accusation, despite the fact that Shamel had no fixed address. The detective added that the police were opposed to bail due to the risk of the accused killer fleeing and the fact that he created a danger to public safety.

In case you were wondering, Shamel traveled all the way from Afghanistan to get Dublin in October 2020. Shamel was ordered to remain in detention, and his next court appearance will take place on May 2, 2023, via video connection.

Charges Against Habib Shamel In The Death of Geila Ibram

Geila Ibram, who was 27 years old at the time of her death, was found dead in an apartment complex in Limerick City. The suspect, in this case, is Habib Shamel, who is 32 years old.

On Tuesday afternoon, the body of the female resident was found in an apartment tower in the city of Limerick. In the proceedings, Shamel was brought before the Belfast Magistrate’s Court on charges related to the terrible stabbing of a woman in the Republic of Ireland.

Ibram, who was originally from Romania, was found on Tuesday afternoon at an apartment block in the city of Limerick in Ireland. On Thursday, Shamel was taken into custody in the Malone neighborhood located in south Belfast.

Moreover, the court got evidence through CCTV footage that Habib was seen arranging a sexual exchange with Geila. At about 13.28 local time he was seen in the apartment of the victim and just came out within a few minutes.

Sadly, Geila was stabbed many times in her neck, face, and lower abdomen which resulted in her death. Such a terrible attack!

Furthermore, Habib himself hurt his hand and after murdering Geila he straightly went to the nearby hospital for his treatment in Limerick.

Not only this, but the legal team has also found identification cards or some valuable things of Habib that he left in the victim’s home and fled from there with the help of some unknown person by bus to the north.

However, on the other hand, Shamel’s lawyers said that he should be allowed to go free on bail so, they told the judge that the jail service would not be able to meet his religious needs and he also had mental health problems.

Who Was Ibram Geila?

Geila Ibram, a Romanian woman who was 27 years old, was found in an apartment block in the city of Limerick on Tuesday afternoon but we could not find many facts about the life of the woman who was killed.

However, people came to know about Geila Ibram only after her murder controversy and who are eagerly waiting to know all the details then have patience soon all the details regarding the murder will be updated.

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