Where Is Chris Fallica Going After Leaving ESPN? His Wife, New Job, And Salary

Yes, Chris Fallica is going after leaving ESPN. Chris Fallica has a lot of fans who are very curious about his next job after leaving ESPN. But we already know from some sources Chris Fallica joins Fox after leaving ESPN.

College football fans are in for a big change that won’t take place on the field. Chris “The Bear” Fallica, a well-known provider of ESPN’s College GameDay, is said to be leaving ESPN for Fox.

Ben Koo of Awful Announcing said in a report that Fallica is likely to make his last expression on ESPN on Saturday. Since 1996, Chris has worked for ESPN’s College GameDay as both a Research Producer and a Sports Betting Analyst.

Awful Announcing says that Fallica will join the college football show Big Noon Kickoff on Fox.

Even though Fallica’s move to Fox hasn’t been finalized as of this writing, Fox employees have already celebrated and appreciated “The Bear” on social media.

Where Is Chris Fallica Going After Leaving ESPN?

Chris Fallica Is Going to Fox after leaving ESPN. Chris’s time on the ESPN show College GameDay has come to an end. In contrast, he is about to depart ESPN and begin working for Fox Sports instead.

Chris’s time on the ESPN show College GameDay has come to an end. He, on the other hand, is about to leave ESPN and start working for Fox Sports.

Fallica will join the Big Noon Kickoff competition on Fox’s College GameDay. Tom Rinaldi was the first ESPN star to move to Fox. Fallica will be the second.

Fallica is also one of the people who host the new show Stanford Steve and the Bear. Both of these books talk about college football and betting on sports.

Fallica’s new job at FOX will cover more than just Big Noon Kickoff since she will focus on sports betting. With Lock It In, Fox was one of the first companies to make a show about sports betting. It was changed to Fox Bet Live because the network decided to focus on live sports betting instead.

It is, without a doubt, a good idea to hire Fallica away from ESPN. This makes the confrontation between the two networks in college football pregame shows even stronger in the future.

Chris Fallica Wife: Who Is She?

Molly Fallica is a senior production head of the department for golf and football at ESPN. She is married to Chris Fallica. Chris Fallica met his wife at ESPN, where he worked, and they have been together for 24 years.

In a Tweet about his 2019 wedding anniversary, the person who knows a lot about betting on sports called his wife “a saint.” He also said that since he couldn’t be with her that day, he would take her on a getaway when he got back home. The attractive couple doesn’t have any kids, but at home, they take care of two beautiful cats. He has put up a lot of pictures of cats on Instagram.

There are a lot of posts about romantic relationships on his social network. Molly’s birthday is September 22. On that day, she celebrates with her husband and family. Both Fallica and his wife are big sports fans.

Chris, a TV host, recently said that he was leaving his current job and going to work for Fox. Two years before his wife, Molly Fallica began working there in 1998, he began his career with ESPN’s College GameDay in 1996.

He looks at the odds of betting each week and picks college football bets in the fall. Chris is leaving his job, but his partner will stay. During his time at ESPN, the betting expert has made a number of programs about sports betting.

Chris also writes articles for the network’s website about sports betting and is often on the network’s Daily Wager show.

Chris Fallica New Job And Salary

In this part, we will learn about the job and salary of Chris Fallica.

Let’s get started.

In the United States, an ESPN Sports Analyst makes $59,828 per year.

ZipRecruiter says that a Fox Sports Analyst in the United States makes an average of $54,118 per year.

Sportscribe says that Fox Sports paid the most in pay each year, about $6 million.

The average annual wage for a commentator in the United States is $32,775, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on how Chris lives, it seems like he has a high income.

Chris’s new job at FOX Sports has begun. But he will be on College GameDay, where the longtime ESPN employee may say his last words.

Chris plays college basketball and golf now, and he has been to many U.S. Opens, Open Championship, and Masters tournaments in the past.

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