Where Are Cody Fisher Killer Meet His Parents

The killers of Cody Fisher in the nightclub were arrested.

Cody Fisher was a footballer and a defender who started playing when he was only 18 years old. He was used most often as a left-back though he could even play center back too.

Like other football players, he started out with Walsall before switching to Stratford Town. For the next few seasons, he played for both Stourbridge and Bromsgrove Sporting, and then he went back to Stratford Town.

He also played football outside of a league and was said to be a school trainer. However, he died on December 26, 2022, after being stabbed.

Fisher was a nice guy, and he had a girlfriend named Jess Chatwin who wrote sad posts on social media about how much she missed him.

Where Are The Killers Of Cody?

As per the sources, the killers were arrested and Kami Carpenter and Remy Gordon are said to be the names of the two killers who were already given the charges of murder. They are both from Birmingham, and they both went to the Crown Court in that city.

However, the third killer has taken bail from jail.  BBC says that a fourth person has been taken into custody on suspicion of killing the footballer.

The media do not know the name of the fourth murderer, who was caught in Erdington, Birmingham but the suspect is thought to be 18 years old.

A report from the police showed none of them entered a direct appeal, so they were kept in jail. In the meantime, a provisional court date of July 3 was set. Therefore, it is clear that they are still being held.

Cody’s Parents

Tracey and Chris Fisher are the parents of Cody. He died in a football accident. The death of a loved one has left the whole family in a lot of pain, and they have lost a lot. Cody was only 23 years old when he died.

The footballer’s parents also did an interview, where they said they were moved by how much the club, players, and friends cared about them. Danny Norman, who is Cody’s uncle, was also there for the interview.

His mother also spoke about and appreciated her late son and also said her life was over on Boxing Day when Cody died.

She kept talking about how glad she was for her son and how Cody was a great kid. At the moment, more information about the football player’s family is being looked into.

Cody Fisher’s Funeral

Cody Fisher’s funeral service has already happened. Late in January 2023, friends and family got together at St. Peter’s Church in Coughton. Jess Chatwin, who is Cody’s girlfriend, was also there.

She also spoke about her boyfriend and said that when she met him in August 2019, her life changed. Thus, when Cody died, it was sad for Jess, too.

Many fans, well-wishers, and close friends paid their last respects. Now, people are waiting for the court to give more news about the case, which it will do as quickly as possible. His family is still currently attempting to deal with the fact that he died for no reason.

However, in the same way, they want to make sure that people’s nights out will be safer in the years to come.

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