Here is all about the Oscar Robertson Trophy, Western Conference Finals trophy which is a tribute to Bucks legend given to the winner

In advance of its 75th anniversary season in 2021–2022, the NBA introduced a new set of trophies to be awarded to the finest players and teams throughout the playoffs.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the new Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Conference Finals MVP trophies, which are awarded to the top players in the Western and Eastern Conference Finals, respectively.

But the champion trophies for the Western and Eastern Conferences also underwent redesigns and received new names—Oscar Robertson and Bob Cousy, respectively—in recognition of two all-time greats.

Why did the NBA choose “The Big O” as the name of the Oscar Robertson Trophy? Have a look, below:

What is the Oscar Robertson Trophy given to the Western Conference finals winner and full winners list

The Oscar Robertson Trophy is awarded to the Western Conference Finals champion team. According to NBA Communications, it was given Robertson’s name in recognition of “his outstanding contributions on the court and the impact (he) made as an early president of the NBPA.”

Robertson led the Milwaukee Bucks, a former member of the Western Conference, to Western Conference championships in 1971 and 1974.

The “Oscar Robertson Trophy” should not be confused with the honour given by the NBA for national player of the year in college basketball by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association of the same name.

Oscar Robertson Trophy winners

After defeating the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 in the Western Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors won the Oscar Robertson Trophy in 2022.

In the subsequent NBA Finals in 2022, the Warriors defeated the Celti.

Oscar Robertson career stats in Western Conference Finals

Robertson took part in three Western Conference Finals during his career. He won two Western Conference titles by defeating the Los Angeles Lers in 1971 and the once Western Conference-aligned Chicago Bulls in 1974.

In 1972, he lost to the Lers in the Western Conference Finals for the only time.

  • 15 Western Conference Finals games played
  • 35.4 minutes per game
  • 13.1 points per game
  • 7.9 assists per game
  • 4.3 rebounds per game
  • 0.8 steals per game
  • 0.8 blocks per game
  • 44.6 percent shooting
  • 75.6 percent free throw shooting



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