A disturbing trend on TikTok involves the addition of highly inappropriate filter, including one that features Mr Clean, the well-known character associated with an all-purpose cleaner in the United States

Over the past few days, TikTok users have expressed frustration and distress due to the circulation of filters that display NSFW (Not Safe for Work) images of beloved cartoon and anime characters. The originators of these filters remain unidentified. TikTok appears to be actively removing such filters, with reports of users facing bans for using them.

It is strongly advised not to experiment with the Mr. Clean filter if you encounter it on TikTok.

What is the Mr Clean filter on TikTok and how to use it as it goes viral

The Mr. Clean filter, along with several similar filters circulating on TikTok, involves a specific process. It presents users with two images of the fictional character, accompanied by the familiar jingle from the character’s commercial.

To use the Mr. Clean filter, individuals are instructed to tilt their heads to the side and me a selection from the provided options. Once the head tilt occurs, one of the images promptly transforms into a NSFW depiction of Mr. Clean. Each head tilt reveals a different shocking image, leaving users startled and disturbed.

The reactions captured on TikTok showcase the surprise and shock experienced by users who were unaware of the filter’s inappropriate content.

Users reaction

The widespread circulation of NSFW filters on TikTok has led to a significant number of users expressing their disappointment and dismay towards the platform. Despite the growing frustration and outcry, these filters have continued to be present, causing distress among the user base. In response, some users have ten it upon themselves to share versions of the filters in an attempt to raise awareness about the disturbing outcomes they produce.

Numerous individuals have expressed their regret and shock after trying the filters, with one user lamenting, “I deeply regret using this filter. Why did I even open that video?”

Another user suggested that the filter appeared to have been prohibited or ten down, noting, “It seems like it has been removed.” I can’t find it anymore. I’m glad TikTok took action.”

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