What happened to Tom Lockyer? The Luton Town footballer got seriously injured and was admitted to hospital. To be more precise, it was less of an injury and more about collapsing on the pitch. Knowing that his fans have been curious to learn about how things went wrong. Also, how is Tom now? Have things gotten better for him? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Tom Lockyer’s prominence in the sports field. 

Starting from the basics, Tom Lockyer is a versatile footballer hailing from Cardiff, Wales. At present, he is 28 years old, born in 1994. Previously, Tom Lockyer played for other teams, too, including- Bristol Rovers and Charlton Athletic. Being his fan, do you know his real name? It’s Thomas Alun Lockyer. As far as his playing position is concerned, Tom serves as the football center-back. 

Talking more about Tom Lockyer’s latest achievements, he has made it to the EFL Championship Team of the Season during 2022-2023. Not to forget to mention, Tom also had an incredible international career, representing Wales. Very recently, he got promoted to the position of captain of the Premier League club. Wow! 

Coming back to Tom Lockyer’s health conditions, he got collapsed. When? The incident took place during his team’s Championship play-off final.  No wonder the finals were pretty much dramatic. Without further delay, Tom was treated with medicines and eventually got hospitalized. How is his health now? If you are looking for what happened to Tom Lockyer, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Tom Lockyer?
Tom Lockyer: Luton Town captain (CC: YouTube)

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What Happened To Tom Lockyer? Explained 

The Luton Town footballer, Tom Lockyer, fell to the ground suddenly. When? It happened while he was back peddling at the beginning of the match. After some time, when he tried to stand, his body collapsed. Eventually, Tom failed to get up. Each of his teammates was shocked and got to help him out. Right then, the medical team came up, and Tom Lockyer was treated without getting late. It was an immediate act. After that, he was carried on a stretcher and then taken to hospital. The match against Coventry took place at Wembley. 

Even though Tom Lockyer’s collapsing incident made the fans upset, there was good news too! The Luton Town team just got promoted to the Premier League. Congrats! Talking more about Tom, he stayed at the hospital for a fast recovery. 

Concerning Tom Lockyer’s health, his team provided an update on Twitter. It said that the player was hospitalized soon for more body tests. All it said was that Tom was responsive to his family members. Coming across that post, fans became hopeful about his quick recovery and comeback to the football field. Even Tom Lockyer’s father made a social media post after his son saw the shout-out win from the hospital bed. He said, “Tom is okay. Very happy but too sad he can’t be there with his teammates.” 

What Happened To Tom Lockyer?
Tom Lockyer celebrating the win from his hospital bed (CC: Sky News)

Everyone loves Tom Lockyer. Even the player shared that his collapsing accident was much more “scary” to others than to himself. Well, it’s true! Not to forget, health is the most important thing to be focusing on always. Despite doing great and missing him on the field, everyone wishes for Tom’s recovery. He thanked the medical staff for their detailed and thorough response. Well, there is no update about when Tom is going to make his comeback. 

Best Wishes to Tom Lockyer for the upcoming days of his sports career. There is nothing to be sad about! It’s just the beginning for him. Field injuries are very common for every sportsperson. We are sure that Tom is going to heal and return soon! You may give the Luton Town captain, Tom Lockyer, a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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