Want to know about what happened to Ashley Johnson? The Last of Us actress has been making a lot of headlines for her relationship with Brian Wayne Foster. That’s her ex-boyfriend. Well, things aren’t on good terms between the two. Something has been going worse. Like what? Before that, let’s briefly discuss Ashley Johnson’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Ashley Johnson is a versatile actress. Hailing from Camarillo, California, Ashley is now 39 years old, born in 1983. When it comes to her acting credits, the notable ones are- Much Ado About Nothing, The Avengers, Growing Pains, Phenom, All-American Girl, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Blindspot. 

Being a huge fan of Ashley Johnson, you must know that she is providing her voice in The Legend of Vox Machina. That’s for the leading character, Pike Trickfoot. Did you know that Ashley even starred in Roseanne? Yes! She portrayed the character of Lisa. 

Coming back to Ashley Johnson’s relationship with Brian Wayne Foster, it ended very recently. In case you are wondering, Brian is a writer and musician. He even hosted Talks Machina for several years. They were together for more than a decade. Ashley’s breakup with Brian caused and is still doing a lot of drama. Why? If you are looking for what happened to Ashley Johnson, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Ashley Johnson?
Ashley Johnson (CC: Us Weekly)

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Ashley Johnson’s Relationship With Her Ex-Boyfriend Brian Wayne Foster: What Happened?

Well, Ashley Johnson filed a restraining order against her ex-beau, Brian Wayne Foster. In short, things seem to be badly serious between them. What happened?

The Last of Us actress Ashley Johnson claimed that Brian, her long-time boyfriend used to abuse her verbally and physically. Not only that, but also it affected her mental state. On this note, Ashley reported that he committed “countless acts of terror” on her and that she does not feel safe around him. In short, the actress claimed that Brian could “murder her.”

That’s terrific! He was “close to the edge.” This seems to be the outcome of his mental stability, which is not in a good state. The reason why Ashley ended up breaking up is that she realized that Brian Wayne Foster was harmful not just to her but also to her family. We may address the entire issue as “domestic violence.” 

While filing the restraining order, Ashley also shared what she found once in his bag. It had a garotte which is a strangulation device. Also, there were a couple of airsoft guns. Well, their separation was meant to happen at some point in time.

Ashley Johnson shared that Brian used to break the glasses and gates, calling her a stupid bi**h. Also, he used to frighten and abuse her by ”slamming doors”. It was ridiculous and an ugly experience, of course. Not a single woman should tolerate this kind of behavior. Instead, they must protest and stand up selflessly. What do you think? 

Concerning Brian Wayne Foster’s mental health, she shared that he must have “mental atrophy, increased paranoia, and inability to distinguish reality.” With his misbehavior, Ashley seemed to be very hurt. This was more evident as they shared a romance not just for a few months but for more than a decade. Even the fans didn’t expect their relationship to come to an end like this. 

What Happened To Ashley Johnson?
Ashley Johnson and Brian Wayne Foster (CC: Glamour Buff)

It was reported that Brian had attempted to extort $150000 from her. He was also very much addicted to narcotics, as the police claimed. Not only that, but Brian also blocked her from the internet and took away access to all of her devices, including her cameras. That forced her to vacate her house and stay with her family in fear. 

Ashley Johnson suffered a lot. That’s the reason why she has now filed a restraining order against him. It feels good to see her getting back her strength. We are hopeful that Ashley will find her happiness in life again, real soon. Best Wishes! Make sure you follow Ashley on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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