Aditya Singh Rajput is no more with us. Wait, what? The title must have left you in shock. What happened to the Bigg Boss Season 12 star? It’s been a week since the tragic incident took place. Not everyone knows the cause. However, it’s still doing rounds on the internet.

Aditya’s close friend, Khushi Jain, has slammed some people who spread false rumors concerning his death cause. This is not a matter to crack jokes or spread false news. Before getting into what went wrong with the television actor, let’s briefly discuss Aditya Singh Rajput’s prominence. 

If you are into Hindi television shows and films, you must know who Aditya Singh Rajput was. Hailing from Delhi, he was born in 1990. It was in 2003 when he made his debut and did wonders until his death. When it comes to some of Aditya’s notable works, the list includes- Aadi King, Mom, and Dad: The Lifeline Love, Rajputana, Gandii Baat, Cambala Investigation Agency, and Ashiqui.

Not to forget to mention, Aditya also participated in shows like Bigg Boss Season 12  and Splitzvilla Season 9. Code Red is one of them, where he starred too. 

Coming back to Aditya Rajput Singh’s sudden pass away, the actor was then just 32 years old. It was indeed a premature death, and still, not everyone is accepting the news. What went wrong? Some fans are wondering if it’s a suicide case. Others are claiming it to be a murder. The latter case often happens in the entertainment industry. But what about Aditya? If you are looking for what happened to Aditya Singh Rajput, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Aditya Singh Rajput?
Aditya Singh Rajput (CC: NDTV)

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Reason Behind Aditya Singh Rajput’s Death: What Happened To The Actor? 

It was on 22 May 2023 when Aditya Singh Rajput died. No wonder it’s very heartbreaking for everyone to accept his sudden passing away news. He was very young to lose his life. But the question is- what happened to him? People have been making several assumptions concerning Aditya Singh Rajput’s tragic death at the age of 32. What’s true? 

It was reported that Aditya slipped in his bathroom and eventually fell on the floor. The aftermath was brutal enough, which ended him losing his life. Aditya got hurt beside his ear and also his head. That was the most terrific part. The incident took place at his apartment in Andheri, Mumbai. He was found unconscious and was found by one of his friends. Aditya was soon rushed to the hospital, where the doctors announced to be dead. Initially, no one believed it. 

Talking more about it, the actor’s mother requested people not to speculate on the cause of his death. She said, “This is a cruel thing to do.” This statement especially came after some fans claimed that Aditya Singh Rajput was addicted to drugs. Do you believe this? The actor reportedly had attended a party the night before. 

What Happened To Aditya Singh Rajput?
Aditya Singh Rajput: Bigg Boss Season 12 contestant is no more with us (CC: The News International)

Moving on with Aditya Singh Rajput’s accident, an injury to the rear left side of his head was noticed. When investigated further, the actor underwent bleeding only in that part of the head. Briefly, it all happened after a serious internal head injury. Little did you know, the medical experts found that Aditya had a blockage in his heart. This is another heartbreaking thing to accept, as he was young. 

Aditya’s very close friend, Khushi Jain, said, “It is not only shameful but also disrespectful to spread rumors about the deceased.” This is very true. She even asked everyone for some time to heal. 

Sending condolences to Aditya Singh Rajput’s family and friends. May his soul rests in peace. It’s hard to accept that Aditya is no more with us. Still, we continue to cherish each of his works. 

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