Brianna Destiny McKoy's Death

Brianna Destiny McKoy was shot by her partner. Rickey Trooper is a well-known person in Jamaican music, especially in the sound system culture.

He became famous as a mixer and DJ for the Killamanjaro sound system, which is one of the most famous sound systems in Jamaica. He later started his own sound system called Sound Trooper.

The artist wrote on his social media account that his daughter had died. People were interested in how she died after he told them about it.

Residents of a condo complex in the North End of Bridgeport said they heard gunshots and a car speeding away early Thursday morning.

When the cops got there, they found that a 23-year-old woman named Brianna Destiny McKoy had been shot and killed inside a unit at the Coachlight Square condo complex on Vincellette Street.

The victim’s father shared a post about the death of his daughter. Trooper, whose real name is Garfield Mckoy, thanked his fans in an emotional Instagram live video shared on Friday. He thanked them for the respect, love, and condolences they have shown him and his family since the tragedy.

With tearful eyes, Trooper revealed that he never thought he would be in a situation like this and that he now knows the pain of others who have gone through circumstances like his own.

He thanked his supporters once more and stated that he was doing his best to be strong despite the challenges that he was now facing.

However, the investigation into the matter is not yet complete, therefore there is still a lot that is unknown.

Ricky has stated that he is doing his best to maintain his composure despite the sad death of his daughter during this difficult period.

Trooper stated how important it was to fulfill his commitments as a promoter and artist, noting that music is what keeps him going. He also underlined how important it was to meet his duties.

In addition, he revealed that his father had passed away only a few months before the death of his daughter and that he has not yet entirely healed from the grief of losing his father.

Now, this new tragedy certainly made the circumstances more painful to tolerate.

Was Ricky Trooper’s Daughter Killed?

Yes, Ricky Trooper’s daughter was killed.

The Bridgeport police have issued a statement in which they ask for the help of the general public in locating Derrick Francis. Francis is suspected of being the shooter who on Thursday killed Brianna McKoy, who was 23 years old.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Francis as a result of his participation in a domestic violence incident. Francis is regarded to be armed and dangerous, and the warrant was issued in his name.

Furthermore, the authorities have given Francis’s physical characteristics as being 5 feet 8 inches tall, 170 pounds in weight, with black hair and brown eyes. It is well known that he spends a lot of time around the North End of Bridgeport as well as the Bronx.

The facts about her death are currently being examined by the authorities as part of the investigation into the case and multiple websites now host the suspect’s image after it was made publically available online.

At the time of the murder, the victim, McKoy, and the killer, Derrick Francis, were involved in an affair.

However, the victim’s father suspects that his daughter was a victim of domestic violence, and she was not having a good time with her partner.

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