Top 8 Web Series Similar to College Romance

College Romance is a series that made all of us excited to be in love. It’s a series based on some college students & their love life along with their friendships.

Watching this series, I’m sure you’ve felt “why can’t I have a love life like this?” Well not all of us can have a sweet lovey-dovey relationship only some lucky people achieve that impossible thing.

While they have some reliable friends by their side they spend some of their best moments in life in college.

But what all of us can surely do is watch more web series that are similar to College Romance. How can you find a series like that? Don’t worry I’m at your service.

As I’m not only a Web series lover but also a romance freak I have just the thing for you. So sit back and relax while I do the hard part.

I know I know you’re excited to know all the web series similar to college romance which  I know for sure is your favorite romance series. So, I’ll not make you wait anymore.

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 Let’s see what you can watch while you are searching for a Bagga/Naira for yourself.

List of web series similar to “College Romance” you can binge watch

Web series NameRelease DateRatingsCast
FlamesOctober 18, 2019IMDB Ratings: 8.9/10Ritvik Sahore, Tanya Maniktala, Aunakshi Grover, Shivam Kakar, Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish
What’s Your StatusJuly 16, 2018IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10Nabeel Mirajkar, Manjot Singh, Plabita Borthakur, Kumar Varun, Naveen Poilishetty, Anisha Victor, Abhay Mahajan, Megha Burman
Kota FactoryApril 16, 2019IMDB Ratings: 9.1/10Mayur Mor, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Ahssa Channa, Rivati Pillai, Urvi Singh
The ReunionApril 28, 2018IMDB Ratings:7.7/10Sapna Pabbi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Veer Rajwant Singh, Tanya Rajawat
Operation MBBSMarch 25, 2022IMDB Ratings:8.4/10Ayush Mehra,, Ansul Chauhan, Sarah Hahmi
Puncch BeatFebruary 14, 20196.3/10Harshita Gaur, Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sharma, Khushi Joshi
Dawson’s CreekJanuary 20, 1998IMDB Ratings: 6.8/10James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson
MismatchedNovember 20, 2020IMDB Ratings: 5.8/10Prajakta koli, Ranvijay Singha, Rohit Sharaf, Vihaan Samat, Taaruk Raina, Vidya Malvade, Jugal Hansaj


Official Trailer:

Flames is a web series total of 3 seasons of emotional ups and downs in the main character’s love life. It shows the love life of 4 teenagers who goes to the same coaching center.

In there, our main character meets his first love, Ishita. who’s not only cute but also the topper in her class. The way Rajat gets awestruck with Ishita can make you jealous of Ishita too if you’re a girl.

In this series, the love life of these 2 teenagers is compared to chemical reactions. At first, Rajat played by Ritvik Sahore tries to gain Ishita’s attention.

When she has finally opened up to Rajat, Rajat takes Ishita on a date & from then we can see their relationship building. They start to think they’ll be each other’s endgame.

But little did they know a big tragedy was waiting for them. Rajat’s strict parents, Ishita’s childhood, and misunderstandings make their relationship fragile.

Will they be able to salvage their relationship? well, guess you have to watch the series to know it. Don’t panic it’s available on MX player.

2. What’s Your Status

Official Trailer:

Here our main character Balu played by our beloved Manjot Singh is an MBA graduate & his love life was in drought. But when he sees a fresher girl named Aisha Sharma he immediately falls for her.

Well, Balu is not the only one whose love story we get to watch. The show contains three male characters’ stories. TJ, Balu & Bharat all of them face ups & downs & has their own stories.

In this series, their stories are displayed in a very unique way. The three love stories are three different kinds of relationships. One is single, the other one is committed & the third one is married.

This series showcases all three of these love stories in a way that will keep you captivated. You can watch the whole series on Jio Cinema.

3. Kota Factory

Official Trailer:

If you got tired of watching all the colorful series then you can watch this one. This series is displayed in black and white. A unique way for sure.

It projects what a student goes through under several exam pressure. In this show we can see some very dedicated students trying their best to perform well in a very important examination.

Throughout the show, we follow the life of our main character Vaibhav played by Mayur More. We can see all the struggle of Vaibhav to get into an Indian Institute of Technology.

The show is of course set in Kota, Rajasthan which is an educational hub and it is famous for having an enormous number of coaching centers. The creator of the show, Saurabh Khanna tries to change the perception people have about IIT and important exam preparations.

If you are a student & preparing for an important exam then this show is sure to motivate you. This show has gotten positive reviews from students.

To watch the show run to Netflix. Fortunately, you can also watch the whole series on YouTube.

So keep your book aside for a while & watch this amazing series to take some life lessons.

4. The Reunion

Official Trailer:

This is one hell of a perfect web series similar to college romance. The reunion teaches us we always don’t have to forget our past to move forward sometimes we have to look back to our past.

Reunion of a group of college friend may sound very fun but we see some the characters face some troubles too.

Students of Bourbon High, Aarya Singh, Devashi Tailor, Gaurav Malhotra, and some of their friends reunite after 10 years. They roam around their old campus & relive some of their best moments in life.

While they walk through their old campus they reminisce about some of their precious moments spent on the campus. They realize their past mistakes & try to salvage those.

The reunion these friends were waiting so eagerly for brings back some of their unpleasant memories and along the way takes an unexpected turn. So go run and watch the whole series on youtube.

5. Operation MBBS

Official Trailer:

This show doesn’t only showcase the friendships between several MBBS students but only has some learnable elements in it. Also, it is a web series that fits your taste because it is a web series similar to college romance that I know you’ve already watched.

In the show, we walk through the life of three first-year medical students named Huma, Sakshi, and Nishant.

We experience their friendships, their struggles, their hardships, and their ups & downs. Here you can also see the life of a medical student.This is a very relatable show.

Watching this show, you’ll unintentionally scream “oh that’s totally me!” You can watch the whole series on youtube. The best way to enjoy it? of course with your friends duh.

6. Puncch Beat

Official Trailer:

Many girls will already be interested in this show knowing their favorite Priyank Sharma is in it. well fortunately that’s not the only thing you have in this show to be excited about.

This show contains not only a bunch of debonair casts but also a dramatic catchy story. Don’t ask what’s in this show to enjoy. Ask what is not in this show that’s enjoyable instead that’ll take less time to answer.

Written by Vikas Gupta AKA the mastermind of BIGG BOSS show, this show is a show of 2 seasons. The story starts with the murder of a student in the school.

Along with the investigation of this case, many secrets get revealed which can turn the life of the characters upside down. Which also can affect their friendships. Watch the series to show how all the mystery unfolds along with some juicy romantic drama.

The series is available on ALT Balaji. So get cozy in your bed grab your device and start watching this web series similar to college romance.

7. Dawson’s Creek

Official Trailer:

Tired of all the modern-age love stories? Don’t worry I’ve got your back.

This is an old-school romance show. It’s an American show which contains several love stories not only of teenagers but also their parents. Here Dawson, Pacy, and Joey are a trio & later we can see a love triangle get built between these three.

But before we go through their relationships with other people. We learn about their characteristics & their interests in relationships. Of course, this series has a lot of heartbreaking turns.

We see these teenagers getting confused about their interest in romance & also see their dedication to building their careers. So to watch a sweet calm love story go to Amazon Prime where you’ll find the whole series.

This show will take back to the 90’s kids’ love life & you’ll get to watch some relationship goals. And it is also a web series similar to college romance in many ways.

8. Mismatched

Official Trailer:

Famously known as a YouTuber, Prajkata Koli starring “Mismatched” is a show about some teenagers who have come to Jaipur for a coding course.

Well, that’s what they thought they were coming to Jaipur for. The students of this course get engaged in various unexpected life events.

Dimple, the main character of the show who was an anti-love person falls in love with the sweet mature Rishi Shekhawat. But their relationship isn’t as perfect as you’d expect.

But when they first met each other the scene was totally different from your typical romantic dramas.

While dimple is obsessed with building her career & thinks everything in a logical way, o the other hand Rishi only wants a Bollywood-kind relationship & is totally a Bollywood film freak.

How these two ends up together is really a fun thing to watch.

It is a web series similar to college romance as it has both romantic & also friendship-related stories in it.

So want to know how Dimple, who was so against love & marriage became interested in romantic film freak Rishi? So don’t waste time & watch the full show on Netflix. & don’t forget to invite your friends for a watch party.


Who doesn’t want a love life like the character in our favorite shows? Well just like other things in life which we have to achieve with proper skills we have to achieve a dreamy love life with skills too.

What can you do to Develop skills in this field? Nothing much, just watch these suggested web series vanitygen similar to college romance. If you don’t want your love life to be DOA you will have to watch these amazing shows I’ve suggested.

These shows will not only teach you to make your love life interesting but also will make you confident to go through various practical events of life.

Maintaining good relationships with our friends is also an important lesson that you’ll from these web series. You’ll know how important it is to have good companies around you.

You’ll know how your life becomes less gloomy when you’re with a perfect group of people. However, grab your favorite device & start watching all these amazing series. You’ll feel like a whole new person with important life lessons.

If you liked college romance then these are the perfect ones for you because as I’ve mentioned before these web series are very much similar to college romance.

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